a few days into the ubuntu 13.04 install

im a few days into the ubuntu 13.04 install, ive installed on various hardware and use both 32bit and 64bit. Im using the 64bit version on my macbook pro and im using the 32bit edition on my old shuttle thats going on ten years and sits and purrrrs on a linux install still. The macbook pro is the main machine and ive got the latest nvidia driver installed and working great. Ive installed a few games on winetricks and also purchased and installed games through steam. Im using shutter for screen shots, im using diodon for a clipboard manager which is simple and does whats required. Im using ubuntu one service for file storage and expanded it 20 gig to sync music, files and photos between my computers and nexus 4 and nexus 7 which is working flawlessly and i dont have to purchase there music i can just use my own. Im using chrome browser which i can see what ive been browsing on all my other devices and shared bookmarks. Im using thunderbird with all the google plugins working amazingly. Rhythmbox is very nice clean cut audio player with built in scrobble to my last.fm account. Ive installed the ufw package which plugs a simple firewall into my system which is active and opened a few ports i require to access my machine. Team viewer works well and skype are perfect (although microsoft has made ubuntu loose the official skype icon!).

Media apps left to test…

Ive installed qjactl, ardour and openshot video editor to test yet. Ill test them next week and filezilla of course for ftp and bluefish for html editing and the amzing gimp graphics package.

Im pretty disapointed with general native linux blogging software, the best i found natively was blogilo but this was a kde app and im using unity and it wants to install a load of other kde stuff along with it so i opted out, they need a gnome version of this because all the others available, drivel etc have the lack of image upload?! so im using quamana which is a java app and its full featured, just install the java 6 app from the app store and make the quamana jar executable and your away, easy to setup and use.

Have to say this is looking great everything very clean cut, the install, the look, ubuntu one, gaming, media. Im thinking the next big things are > gwibber with google + support and ubuntu touch….

Workspace 1_001



ubuntu google calendar from taskbar

Looking for a easy to add and use google calendar app that you can access easy from your taskbar.. 

get a terminal and use these commands
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/atareao
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install calendar-indicator
then i typed google into the applications put in my google calendar username and password
and i got the icon on the taskbar which can view and and google calendar events


test from lekhonee

not the greatest blog editor lekhonee

well it has all the features i require 
but again like all other gnome blog editors you cany upload a image you can only put a link to a image 
thats so dumb! ill use it for test like this blog though :-0

ubuntu is stepping up its social networking connections

im upgrading my ubuntu tomorrow to 13.04 which is stepping up its social
networking connections i see, im so looking forward to ubuntu touch in the new year…
so i can install it on the nexus 4 and nexus 7!!
any way here are all my social networking sites i use

google +
trip advisor
sound cloud


Feel free to add me on the following services, as long as i like you of course haha!


handbrake on ubuntu 12.10

want to rip your dvd’s on your ubuntu box, ive always used handrake on my mac and you can use it on ubuntu as well, nice and easy to use to get this up and running get a terminal up and use the following commands

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stebbins/handbrake-snapshotssudo apt-get update

And finally the installation:

sudo apt-get install handbrake-gtk handbrake-cli

note this doesnt work on 13.04


we came and we conquered

i have to say friday night at the platform with the devious soul machine was amazing, no wonder it was a sell out! the night was packed with the best bands in the area..

  • devious soul machine
  • under cover
  • white line fever
  • tommy j and the midnights
  • the section
  • terry canyon and the oil slicks

The event was well organised by steven wren, bernie kelly, rob dorington and and creevy. Three stages and the night just ran like clockwork.

This had to be the best gig ive ever played in my whole music career!

amazing night