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devious soul machine, the platform morecambe gig 2013


yes its been confirmed ill be playing bass with the devious soul machine at the platform in morecambe, nice to see all the lads again getting into the groove…

tickets for later with Jools Netherland 19 th April, feat. The return of The Devious Soul Machine, Undercover/Catdog, Terry Canyon and the Oil Slicks, White Line Fever, The Section and Tommy J and The Midnights

some great line ups, make sure you get your tickets before it sells out.


twitter locked staying locked

after a week of deciding if i should open my twitter i decided not to open it 

Screen Shot 2013 02 13 at 17 47 07its better to closed yes I and other people should have the right of free speech but I’m afraid that isn’t a available option in this town or family so ill keep my tweets protected, again if you don’t like what is wrote on the wayne ward blog please refrain from visiting because its probably not relevant to you any way its geared for musicians, technically minded people and people who enjoy spain and music and linux and life.

Wayne Ward 🙂


robert johnson – discography and lyrics

Robert johnson


check out my new page on robert johnson discography and lyrics.

I’ve been working on robert johnson for a while now and following his life and various stories about robert his life, his technique and his bizzare lifestyle and so called dealings with the devil… there are plenty of blues men around with similiar stories son house, howlin wolf, willie brown etc but roberts story was a different kettle of fish with plenty of mystery about his life, death and technique…. this is the first page i made on his discography which was recorded starting back in 23rd November 1936 and on a few other sessions through to 20th June 1937, you will see dates ive found on the discography. Im not 100% on this but i guess nobody really is as neither was were he was laid to rest is 100% and how the man passed away… any how this guy is one of the main influences on some of the biggest bands and musicians including the rolling stones, led zeppelin, eric clapton, ronnie wood… the list is endless with his amazing range in blues vocals and great bottle neck techniques. Ill be posting some more information as i find out more, but a good start is the DVD > the search for robert johnson which i got from amazon and a book i bought recently on my ipad kindle reader which im currently reading > Escaping the Delta: Robert Johnson and the Invention of the Blues is well worth a look …

take the plunge tune up to a E get out the bottle neck and play along with robert.. but dont just listen and think thats easy give it a go see how hard it really is the guy was pure talent …

robert johnson the king of the delta blues…