Twitter Dilemma…

bit of a dilemma, people cant re-tweet my tweets because my twitter is closed because of trouble makers and people who take what i write and make it in there little twisted heads its about them 🙁 i really want to open it but I’m worried about the trolls and trouble makers as they don’t have nothing much else to do ….

do i have freedom of speech or so i hide in the protected twitter zone protected from the riff and the raff……..

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2013 1st jam

Good start back to 2013 nice little jam at the tavern at scale, franks not well but what a guy just carrys on no matter what!! Missed him singing a few songs though! Nice variation of songs with some status quo from Wayne! It’s been a while since I played any of that well since looking back !!! Bloody el! I love it when Keith Frankland gets up and does his country rock set he really has the Johny cash style! Gives me chance to express my bottle neck playing as a lap steel totally different. Quite a few in enem though its the first week after Xmas and the photo shoot Martin did was certainly different not really had a photographer make such a fuss about positions and light before but I’m sure we will get amazing results!! I’m working on foxy lady for next week hendrix is in my soul come against me if you want me to tear you to small pieces and spit out your machine heads !
Wardster signing out 2013


happy new year

well happy 2013 to you all !!

2012 wasn’t a bad year for music and business. 2013 I will be easier in regards to music I’m just in two bands at the moment, natural thing which is on form at the moment and will be running itself as its shared now and rubber soul which to be honest is a breeze it runs itself and because of the choice of music and popularity people come to us and book us and the band is so flexible we just accept them and the extra professionalism if were a member down we just do the gig which shows how good of musicians they really are. Top dog is now dumped after two years of hard slog and being messed about I’m afraid they have been underhanded so I’m not going to go to much into but i just have to say i work in a different way probably because I’m more dedicated to the business anyway that won’t last minutes. Ive got a few options I’m going to test for a new blues unit but I’m only after the best can’t be having any half cut musos, messers, pre madonnas, sulkers and all that babble its a waste of my time! i need a good unit with dedicated musicians only. So watch this space got some great ideas for this unit also i want a unit that is diverse and not just banging it out and playing to loud all the time. Im getting down with the delta and some acoustic slide really get into what its all about.

anyway rubber soul are available for pubs, clubs and all your events drop me a line, we are currently creating the website, business cards and we are going in the studio for demos so watch this space, we are the most booked band in this town and are fully enjoying it no cardboard cut outs here!!

Natural thing is also available come and check out one of lancasters finest and longest playing bands, hard hitting action and we have a show now thats not to be missed find us on Facebook or on our website

I’m getting down with some serious practice and spanning it out between guitar, bass, 12 string, slide and been self teaching harmonica! although i don’t have to worry about that to much i got two top notch harmonica players now!! I’m also practising vocally and been trying some quality new songs 

2013 is going to be a great year for music and the natural talent.

new years eve was the best night live with rubber soul at the tavern, best night I’ve had in ages we were booked solid through december come check us out at our tavern jam at scale hall every sunday from 5pm – we have real dedicated musicians who come and jam, we jam skiffle, blues, country, rock and roll, 60’s you name it just people who love music.

also the good thing about the changes is i don’t have to worry about what i write without people thinking its being directed at them! I’m just flowing now no worries, thinking back of the last top dog meeting and explaining myself what a joke and total waste of time ha, good riddance here is wayne ward in 2013 full on now were’s that mother fuckin gibson let me show u all how this is done……

oh one more this people coming up to me saying rubber soul has competition with so called bands round the town, for one i don’t class it as a band if they have backing tracks get a band then come back to me for a competition your a poor excuse for a band what i class as a fukin joke. I have no objection to backing tracks and karaoke if thats what you like enjoy it just don’t compare it with the real deal. ha ha happy 2013

wayne wards website don’t like it then do me a favour and fuck off!! happy 2013!!