changed raspberry pi distro

made a quick change over to xbian from raspbmc

for one i was sick of raspmbc pushing updates to my raspberry and rebooting and it being bricked! and was sick of when i reinstall i have to have a bloody network cable in when ive got a USB wireless dongle on the raspberry so i switched to xbian flashed the sd card then insterted the card into the raspberry straight boots up fast, went to programs and settings and selected install wireless on reboot and selected a 5 sec pauce to drop to terminal which is handy if i want a console! it reboots installs a few packages without a cable being plugged in! asks a few questions and i was on the wireless network – simple easy setup seems very slick. Im still testing but will probably set my second raspberry up using it.


music update

i made a harsh decision to break away from managing bands im playing with as ive been doing it for to long now and realised the only person that suffers from this is myself. I have no problem with any of my bands ive just decided im moving myself forward musically and as a person. Although i still will play with the bands and still be available for any gigs im just not involved in getting gigs, setting up rehearsals, setting up recordings and finding band member replacements for when other members cant attend. I admit i take on to much and ok I create the bands but i can see my bands have sufficient people in the bands to manage these tasks taking the as what i can only express as depressing and soul destroying tasks. I must note i have no intentions of leaving any bands or not being available and would not wish any out quarrels or silly fall outs from this im just moving my own music career forward gracefully šŸ™‚

I did my first night were i fronted the band last night and thoroughly enjoyed having the choice of what to sing and just basically fronting the show infact i dont know why ive never done it before! i think its the move to guitar it gives me more scope and more space to rip into it and show some stage presence. Ive set up my own sound cloud and reverbnation as ive started writing my own songs for your pleasure! im going to put music to the ten songs i have from when i went through my bad times a couple ago and i was levelling! the songs are deep and the lyrics are well thought! ill update ill my new songs to my blog aswell as reverbnation and soundcloud and on here aswell. A good mate of mine said keep the faith and i believe thats true. Im now unleashed so watch this space, old lightning here went to drove into kendal last night to show the cats some new tricks. Take a listen yer its a rough live recording but listen to the music thats all that matters. Me on guitar / slide guitar and vocals – frank on drums, steve on bass and my pal barry on the harmonica. Have to say i really enjoyed it and its great playing to a crowd who love and appreciate music. peace out folks


the musicians network


Screen Shot 2012 10 12 at 16 27 58



Looking for live music on a sunday? from 6pmĀ 

Fresh new acts and some of lancaster and morecambes finestĀ 

all the songs are shared so your not sat watching the same pre-madonna all day

this is nobody’s show its the musicians show !Ā

the tavern at scale hall from 6pm – come get a lovely sunday roast or walk to baba elephant for a curry!


ubuntu make printer available on network using cups

Cupsfresh install of linux will install your printer with out disks like linux etc but it won’t share it on the network by default

in the preferences you can select share but usually it won’t show on the network so use the built in cups web interfaceĀ 

type http://localhost:631

you will get your admin pageĀ 

select administration at the top of the page and i selectĀ 

Share printers connected to this system andĀ Allow remote administration

this will then restart cups and your printer will be available on the network!Ā 

you can simply now go to another machine and put in the address of the machine with the printer with :631 on the end and get the cups web admin interface to administer the settings remotely.


its funny how news spreads …

its funny how news spreads from social media to the point when i rang up to order take away food from one of the best food places in lancaster they asked the story! im getting more hits on my blog daily for ann morris who is the woman who i tried to deal with regarding the made up story in the business matters magazine which is distributed to local businesses in lancaster and morecambe which basically contain fabricated stories which the magazine doesnt check up on and they dont care if they are letting somebody try and ruin somebodies reputation if they chuck them a few quid for advertising! she even said on the phone to somebody who enquired that they have underhanded and corrupt members on the chamber and she cant help that!! well now when people are looking for the chamber or for ann they are getting my blog as its er number 6 in google and they can see lies and liar on the keywords so then they question this and ask me either by email or by phone and at least they are getting some truth which hopefully stops them joining a cause which is underhanded. If you want more information on the story which was published please contact me, i will tell you the real truth! how they got the story in what it is about and who was really doing what! and there is more the last person I told the whole story to they said its better reading than the sun news paper which ann like to compare her magazine to !!! ….

oh and while im on about dodgy business men who think they can throw out the trash !! ha ha… proper useless IT geezers…

also beware IT people who get stuart errington in from bowkers he tells the people a load of coblers that the network aint safe and hasnt got a clue how to fix it he has to ring people and get them to explain over the phone! ha, i got him in and said id do it as a favour because i knew him from school.. but when the system did go wrong i had to ring him from my holiday to explain how to fix it, talk him through it!! so watch it its alright talking the talk but get him to re-mount a drive on a linux box which he said he can do and watch him sweat!!!