more hassle from the dragon

you will find previous blog in regard to the old dragon behind the bar at the stone well tavern
were she abused me across the room while i was performing in a disgusting manor so i barred myself – yes that says i barred myself.
I went out last sunday to support live music in my local bars the gillows for the blues jam and the gaunt for the early jam and back later for the band, our lass suggested the stonewell which ive been in since i barred myself but kind of avoid the place now because of the nasty Bar Woman.
Ill come back to the rest of the story in a minute but my good friend from blackheart afterglow got wind natural thing was back on the scene and we was looking for a slot with another band for our come back gig which was obviously going to be a stormer but one of the best gigs this year, so he organised a gig at stonewell tavern which yes i accepted because i dont hold grudges like the jumped up bar girl. so this was advertised by posters and other social sites including facebook were we knew we was dealing with a heavy audience.
Right back to the story… so we walked down to the stonewell and i ordered two pints of a bar lady not the angry Bar Girl just after i paid for them she moved them to one side, were i said excuse me either put them back or give me my money? she ranted at me again were i explained i was rude so i appologised she was was rude but she wont so i retract my applolgy? simple
she said i had been emailing people about the incident? i said ive never emailed anybody I told her i blogged it and that she shouldnt be so high rated and asked if she had read it – were she replied no so basically she is shouting her mouth of about something she cant be bothered reading – pathetic, i laughed at her and she said i was arrogant i said no i just find you amusing so she ran and got gerry, now gerry is a good man and have a lot of time for the guy, he said my wife told you to turn down four times! i said im not calling your wife a lier but it was twice then she abused me on stage were i said he wouldnt have handled it like that because she ok rants on she has had been married for 5 years or been a Bar Girl for five years but so what, she obviously hasnt shown correctly – take it this way weve had a bar for years and ive been playing in them for over 20 years and ive never been treat like this by a Bar Girl. So then she said your booked here next week and i said yes, she said so how when your barred? i said its simple i barred myself so i un barred myself ? this point she had steam coming out of her ears! ha proper on one going on behind the bar like im great i own this pub! grow up. So i left and rand phil the next day so he could find out if we were playing or not with it being advertised and not wanting to let people down etc etc. So she said she didnt want us on and to let everybody down. So me being professional I rang round and got us on at the john o gaunt lancaster, top place – we took the full gear and full light rig in took over the bottom end of the bar because we knew it was going to be rammed, the landlord looked worried but i knew it would change when the punters started coming in. Anyway we rammed it to the brim and the landlord just said go for it boys and left us to it! it was like being at a concert – amazing night and we again we broke the record for the most bar takings ever taken in the pub!!! cheers to the lads in natural thing!! we was amazing – so now screw the stonewell tavern I aint playing there again there loss we will ram out the other pubs, they dont need a sound level meter in the pub the already got the Bar Girl.