orange mundo in the UK

if you have a orange mundo mobile number and come to the UK it usually switches network for you, but if you keep it in the UK and it drops off like mine did don’t panic – change your settings so it doesn’t select network automatically, i changed it to orange and it came back on after 2 weeks of being off!! make sure you top it up every few months aswell apparently they will disable the number if

SIM Orange Mundo

you don’t use it. I read that its best to send at least one text message a month to keep it activated. Getting through to text support is a nightmare from the UK so watch what you doing a flight to sort out your number only to find its been disconnected could be a nightmare!!



lancaster linux user group

We are still holding the linux user group meetings once a month

If you interested i would join the mailing list for information as we generally have meetings when we all can make it.

We are now going to the gregson institute for the meetings and we are more open now and include other technologies including coding and now we can talk about our apple macs and other devices!!!!

take a look at our site for details on the mail in list etc