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another bad ebay user beware -> heydzas

Im thinking of creating a bad ebay user list! with my bad experience with the con man vandl (see previous blogs)

Fiona was watching a coat as asked by our daughter the price was 19.99 – we won the jacket – nine minutes later the item was re-listed!

So fiona sent a message saying why because we had won and they had re-listed nine minutes after and its not appropriate and she was reporting them to ebay.

They sent a message back simply saying -> chill

We have reported them and added them to our bad ebay user list beware of this user.

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Update ***

I let them know I would be adding them to my blog as a ebay user and i got the reply:-


hahahahahahahahahahahahahha CHILL
Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone

Ive found this persons twitter you can view it here

And more filth here

As I expected a foul mouthed bad parented child BEWARE.


[HOWTO] Grant and Revoke Remote root Access to MySQL

[HOWTO] Grant and Revoke Remote root Access to MySQL
To grant root access from all hosts (except for localhost):
To revoke root access from all hosts (except for localhost):
DELETE FROM mysql.user WHERE User = 'root' AND Host = '%';
To enable MySQL service to accept connections from all hosts change the following line in file mysql.conf:
or better just comment out:
and restart the MySQL service.
*) The percent symbol ("%") in the notation root@"%" means “any host”, but it doesn’t imply localhost. You need to repeat the commands above with root@localhost in order to grant/revoke permissions for localhost.


GMN update

Fixed all the bugs on GMN – mainly URL problems which I was going to get the menu hard coded into the component pages which I was quoted around 18 hours work so I decided to tackle it myself. I purchased jomsef and jomsocial plugin for £40 and installed the two plugins …
Configured standard jomsocial urls plus SEO which is great – configured music player to use jomsef but a basic version now that’s perfect with no bugs at all!!! I’ve installed jreviews and got the new licence I’m going to add all the categories tomorrow and purchase the jreview plugin so all the reviews loose the no menu bug and get optimised as well..
I enabled the google analytics module in jomsef and also used the internal site map generator to generate a sitemap and it pinged the sitemap of to google and yahoo and bing for me!!!! And then dumped a sitemap.xml for me in the root!!! Amazing bit of kit – after I configure reviews tomorrow I’ll setup the SEO module resubmit sitemap and I’ve 100% with no bugs!!!
I’ve hit google already as well which is great it can only be better this time I’ve never had a sitemap on before on the music site as it’s always crashed creating the sitemap because of all the pages it had to crawl. This time I’m hitting the top and got the sitemap required so finally I’ve got it right!! Few more categories to add here and there and custom profile fields which I’m not going to go overboard with!
I’m looking at putting the link sharing directory in next week – this will be accessible from movie devices aswell which I think will be great not only for users to share information but also for optimisation ……
iPad client should be here soon to test which my iPad is crying out for!!!

Just been back and tried to get back the users I lost with all the messing about with domains over Xmas and managed to get a few – I don’t blame them lucky it was only ten I got on board with early days of submitting!! Had some great ideas for submitting to get more on board so over the next couple of weeks lets see how that pans out probably help now I’ve got jake and Fiona on board going to help me submit around so the resource gets shared its been a struggle to get this out on my own with all the time and brain power to code her, which I’m looking at weekend to complete then I go into marketing mode.

It’s early days for GMN but the potential is there fingers crossed for 2011 like I’ve been told of plenty off people I’ve put in the hard work and the time to create this site this year so let’s hope it takes of !!!

Wayne – love to you all x


Photoshop bullet points

Was quite shocked that something so widely used and as mature as photoshop not to have facility for bullet points on text editing! Had to google it and on the mac you press command and the number 8 and get some ball bullet point which does the trick I suppose !! Adobe add some cool bullet points I don’t wanna make my own!!


GBN Is Closed. GMN Is Open.


Im sorry for the few people who were messed around over xmas with URLS. Ive closed GBN as i could not get control of the domains. I need the domain all together professionally not scattered around the globe for reasons of future investments and expanding business. Im afraid this had obstacles and had to move away from the domains and name. I bought new domains – renewed all the licences to the new domain and rebuilt the whole system. The good thing is the whole system only has one bug as it stands after a full rebuild which is getting looked at no rush as it something minor.

The site main features include

  • Social networking
  • Chat
  • Photos
  • Groups
  • Music Uploads
  • Events
  • Vidoes
  • Classifieds
  • Facebook / Twitter Intergration
  • / Soundcloud Intergration
  • Mobile Phone Client

Im just re-registering the reviews module and will be integrating today, I’ve never wrote any reviews but will try some this week I have plenty of new musical instruments and gadgets to review plus computer software reviews! So ill give it a damn good go.

Im expecting a iPad client this month and looking at adding some custom fields and upgrading the search system. Im also brainstorming a link sharing system were users can submit there own links that they think may be useful, as i have loads and sometimes forget to book mark them! So think this could be a great feature…. Its all about sharing 🙂

Im looking for advertisers so please get in touch we can look at getting you some free advertising for your business for the first year! If you can supply us with a banner and a URL.

You can sign up and join for free and also follow us on – twitter – Facebook and our blog which is being added this week….

We wish you all the best for the new year and thank you for reading – Sign up today – Connect with musicians globally….

We are available on .net & .com and also support is enabled on them domains. The real deal!!!