synology DS211j

Recently sold my iMac as it was sat in the back not getting used a lot – it was our media server for movies using plea and iTunes to share music – to laptops and out ATV in the front room. Ive replaced it with a dual screen ubuntu studio box from bits i had kicking around – a old shuttle i built ten years ago – runs perfect!!!! Any how i thought the idea of a NAS was the way forward just to keep all our files in one central location. So i took a look for a unit that was multi platform as i don’t buy anything that isn’t really as i use all platforms apart from windows but i need access from windows computers from the virus repaired machines i take in!!

41hZK mFmML SL500 AA300

Plugged in the nas fired the CD in my mac the assistant found the NAS and fired in the 3.1 DSM as the older versions is on the CD. I logged on to the NAS through the IP address gave to me through a browser and updated the DSM to 3.2 straight away though the browser it did it all really easily! proceeded to give it a fixed IP address and format the two drives. A hour later i created the users and gave them the permissions required and enabled the services i required – photo sharing – video sharing – and I added one of my YCAMS with one of the free licences provided to test. I moved across some pictures to the pictures directory and and videos to my videos directory and some albums to the music directory all through networking that popped up on my mac!! I then added the movie location to my XBMC on my ATV and streamed my first movie which was perfect! I added the music location in XBMC which was ok just a bit slow and the standard ATV desnt see the iTunes share like it did on the mac using home sharing which was a pain – so now i use the synology music app on the iPhone and simply airplay it direct to the ATV – simples 🙂

I moved about 8 gig of pictures in which took the NAS about 3 days to generate all the thumbnails!! but now its done its fine as ill only be adding small amounts at one time. I tried to get the NAS to do a auto configure on my router for automatic port forwards but my router draytek 2830 so did this manually which is kind or working… I added my HP F380 no problem and shared it on the network by plugging it in to the external UBB port – works a treat its always available.

Ive setup my iPhone / iPad and android devices using the free apps available which work a treat! and payed 2.50 for the bittorent front end which I’ve got on a schedule that kicks in 2am to 9pm so it doesn’t download when I’m working! all the apps work great!! Ive ordered a UPS for power outages when that arrives ill blog to let you know how that went as I had to search for a compatibility list for the UP’s so it automatically shuts it down in a long power outage…..

The surveillance software works pretty damn well and adding the cameras was a breeze it asked me how much room i wanted to use for the cameras and i have full schedule and can select from motion detection to full time recording. It came with one licence and i managed  to get a additional licence for £35 which was worth it – I can go back a month if not more on each camera at specific times and dates. Works great on the iPad.

Last but not least i enabled airplay on my printer but my iPhone and iPad send the job but don’t print which is a pain – I enabled webdav and told onmi focus to use the webdav for its database so I have it shared and that didn’t work either. Im going to test time machine this week.

My verdict – 9/10 couple of things not as a like but the administration and the mobile apps are 100% great!!! invest in one 🙂


mac osx vpn connect to draytek 2820

Ive been setting up a vpn for a client and wanted to do some testing on my mac so poked around at mac osx vpn gui and found a handful – tested them all and basically only got vpn tracker to work easy – i probably could get the others to work with some hacking around but i like things to be easy nowadays! anyway vpn tracker is like a hundred quid for one licence which is expensive. Im sat there thinking macs are to cool and must have this buit in so i googled to connect to a draytek 2820 from mac osx and yes it was under my nose – changed a few settings on the router and added a new vpn which was easy following some easy instructions – see below 
Once i made the vpn I had enabled remote desktops on the server so used the mac os remote desktop gui RDC 2.01 and put in the ip of the server i want to have remote desktop to and viola it works i get full access – also in the preferences you can share local printers and folders to the remote machine which works great!
a mac – a vpn – remote desktop and your away!! awsome – check this howto

Setting up VPN, consists of 2 main operations – configuring the router to accept VPN connections, and setting the computer up to connect via VPN.

Setting up the Draytek router
In the new page that opens, configure the IPSec Setup as follows:
IKE Authentication Method
IPSec Security Method

In the “VPN & Remote Access” tab in the left menu, select “Remote Dial-in User”.Select an index position from the list of users, by clicking on a number (1 for example)
In the new user page that opens, configure the user as follows:
User Account & Authentication
Allowed Dial-in Type
Username & Password

Setting up a PPTP VPN connection in OSX
At this point, you should see the VPN icon appear in the menu bar. If all has gone according to plan, it will begin with “Connecting” being displayed, followed by “Authenticating”, and then should start a timer, indicating the duration that the VPN connection has been up.

“macs kick ass”


Slide Tunings

here are some tunings i use on the guitars

I mainly use open E and I’m starting to use open G

Standard tuning E-A-D-G-B-E (Eric And Duane’s Guitar Beats Everything)

Open G: D-G-D-G-B-D (the most common slide tuning, EC’s favourite Dobro tuning).

Open E: E-B-E-G#-B-E (Duane’s favorite tuning, Delta Blues, stress for the neck)

Open D: D-A-D-F#-A-D (also with capo for open E)


stonewell tavern

because of the decency and respect of john the landlord of the golden lion pub last night after the first spot he came over and asked us to turn down just a notch and because of having the same conversation with members of the band a few of the lads may not agree with me and the way I work this reminds me to write this blog before i forget.

we played the stonewell tavern about a month ago, personally i have been going in the pub for over 20 years and like a pint or a glass of wine in the pub on a thursday at the jazz session or over the weekend when they have various bands on. now I’m not saying our band isn’t loud but the lass behind the bar chirped up while were sound checking saying she was shutting the place down if we played that loud, i went out front and listened and it didn’t seem quite bad considering the place was empty and the volume would get absorbed when the people we had coming to see us came in. so we started our set after few songs the land lady started to shout across the room from behind the bar at me saying turn down which i said ok and went to tell the band and then some other random woman chirped up and interfered which made her start up again shouting at me while i was performing on the stage so i asked her to carry on with her job and i will sort the band then she got high rate and told me i was rude so by this point I’m boiling so i told her she was annoying me and was ready for packing down my equipment, I’ve never had this happen to me in over 20 years of playing and personally will not put up with it fair enough if other band members want to allow this happen to them thats there choice in this case I’m not putting up with she can screw herself she is a jumped up bad excuse for a landlady end of. So i gets of stage the lass behind the bar says you going to apologise were i replied I will if she does for being so unprofessional so then I said I’m sorry so she said she wasn’t so i retracted my apology and basically barred myself from the pub. She said all the band had apologised which was a lie as my honourable band member and cousin jimmy never and said she was out of order, so thanks for the loyalty i really appreciate the honour and decency for you to look at the situation properly. So apart from getting electric shocks from the dodgy wiring and the piano taking up half the stage I’m really pissed of about it because it aint a bad pub and i like gerry but i aint playing in the pub again till i either get an apology or the place gets a new landlord well land lady. Plenty more other band places in lancaster to play instead. I also consulted my farther and other decent musicians for there option and they say I’m correct so to the other people who may disagree with me man up get a set of balls and don’t be walked over by somebody who just manages a pub whoopee shit anybody can do it, i don’t care if she is apparently a nice person i think she is a disrespectful old boot and can go and suck egg wind – end off – check out my google review aswell I haven’t finished there trust me more to come don’t like it read this TUFF SHIT.

google reviews


gig at the golden lion

1. Good gig at the golden lion last night, we had richard on drums as our drummer pulled in the week and didnt want to let the place down! we got a one hour rehearsal in at the coop before the gig at the music coop were two things went wrong, number they turned the electric off without any warning which isnt good for the tubes on my amp so im going to suggest they let bands know about this fair enough you pay for time and they chop the electric but who pays for the knackered valves o my tube amp? ok we mentioned you are meant to watch you watch but why do i want to watch that when im rehearsing in a zone? i cant see some kind of indication IE a light that flashes in the room warning you 5 minutes before costing that much money to implement? certainly a lot less than a full set of replacement tubes for my orange amp?… then i gets outside and in the same place ive been parking my car for over 20 years ive got a damn parking ticket? I couldnt see no sign so i went and had a look this morning and there is a sign but on the other side so im going to the council that traffice warden is a wanker and should play by the rules. any way the gig was great! it was looking empty around 8.45 but by 9.15 the place was cooking!! went down a treat. John the landlord came up to us after the first set and set bloody great but can we notch it down just a slight touch which was decent of him well certainly better than the stupid cow in the stonewell tavern who has a full on argument while your performing on the stage but thats another story….. overall great night though. I took the new gibson in that i bought for a G tuned slide guitar and played it in concert instead of the thunderbird, i have to say a great guitar the only thing that lets it down is the single coil pickup which yes its a cost saving guitar but single coil and gibsons just dont go im afraid do im either going to put on a seymour p90 or a seymour humbucker… hard choice. The gibson junior i got sports a p90 and sounds amazing and the thunderbird has humbuckers and sounds amazing but cant figure which is best!! im thinking p90…. have to say im glad i swapped the strat for it as the guitar i once loved was sat in the corner gathering dust, the one i said id never get rid of simply couldnt cut it after i bought the thunderbird and got the gibson bug!!!! anyway great pub the golden lion in lancaster get your assss in and try some of there traditional ales or maybe a hendricks gin if they got some cucumber?……!..




Make sure you’ve installed “Terminal Services Licensing”. By the way, this method only makes sense if you need to use Terminal Services in Application Mode, which is the one that requires licensing.

The idea is quite simple.

First, disconnect all users from the terminal. If you need to do this remotely, you can also disconnect yourself, and access the files remotely.

Go to %WINDIR%\system32\lserver

Notice the file TSLIC.edb. Rename it to tslic.old

In every client computer, remove the CAL TS registry keys, located at:


Restart your server.

Or change laptop /computer name

In every client computer, remove the CAL TS registry keys, located at:


Restart machine

When double clicking on remote desktop software for 1st time

Right click on remote desktop and run as administrator