thunder jackson and the bandits

Hi just to let all top dog fans know we have now changed our name to

Thunder Jackson & The Bandits

We now have a new bass player / vocalist and I’ve moved onto guitar / slide guitar with jimmy ward.

Its added a new dimenention to the band

Make sure you track our Facebook group page for up and coming gigs

As were not to be missed – hard hitting R & B



les paul juniour

IMG 0652

The les paul juniour – I bought this guitar as i needed a guitar permanently tuned in E for slide with not to many sounds and had to be similar to the gibson firebird I use for standard tunings. We the gibson les paul junior is a lot different from a full blown les paul but this is a hidden gem! This version sports a ebony board and one p90 pickup one volume and one tone control and has a thru neck and a mahogany body. The paint finish isn’t glossy but a matt traditional finish which shows the grain. The setup wasn’t bad and i didn’t really make much adjustment as I usually drop the action a touch but this tuned up to E was just perfect for slide. I have got a great range of sounds out of this axe and the p90 is sometimes slightly noisy if I’m stood in front of the orange stack.. but the amazing crisp sound and the ebony board just gives it this brash sound thats just so classic sounding. I was using the firebird full time but i must admit I try to use this more intact I’m using a open tuning and this guitar most of the night and the firebird in standard on about 5 our 25 songs! the firebird i have to say is a amazing sound but aren’t all gibbons? this is just more unique and greatly cut out for that classic blues / slide sound. Dot inlays and wrap around lightning bar bridge is just easy to setup and use no messing.  The standard size tuners plastic tipped and great sized headstock just adds to a amazing combination. Jumbo sized frets and 22 frets. Single cut away works perfect for me. Its well balanced never slipped yet my only gripe! one gripe is the strap buttons are a but small for my liking but I’m not that bothered i cant even be bothered swapping them! I’m currently switching between this and the firebird and the firebird having humbuckers is slightly louder but the ABY switch box I’m getting has trim controls so i ca match them up but again thats not a big deal the p90 is not going to fire out a s much as a couple of humbuckers its like putting your fender against it my strat has half the power and grunt!! For around the 6/700 mark id say its one of my best buys and most enjoyable guitar to play its been great for my slide playing and i give it ten out of ten!! BUY ONE! Also remember the weight is great and lots of famous players have used these guitars including john lennon, ronnie wood, bob marley.. to name a few. Im thinking of getting a two pickup version but no rush i just love this one so much!!!! its a real blues machine 🙂

more information on the gibson site here:


Benalmadena nightmare villa

its on a street called camino – del saltillo – the woman who owns it is called victoria judge – i don’t know the mans name as he is rude.

We stopped in this villa in october 2011 in benalmadena – please beware if you have booked it was last minute as we usually  stay in los cisnes which is great – we was waiting till last minute as our friends might have been there and would have stopped at there villa for a few days then booked in a nice hotel…. so last minute infact the night before we flew i booked this – says near marina (apparently 6 minutes to it!!) and looked kind of traditional and very cosy and @ 150 for six days sounds reasonable…

Well what a nightmare the place smelt old all the floor was raising and had a very musky smell to the place. The electrics were unsafe and the furniture was filthy. None of the external lights worked and most of the inside lights never worked either. There was a gas bottle connected to the filthy oven that never worked – we spent three hours cleaning the place the day we got the there. The toilet stunk and the sink and bath was full of hair and the floors were filthy and never been cleaned. The bedding was awfully dirty and we slept on towels. You can see on the photos it had false partitions fitted and the paint was black. The fridge kettle and toaster were stinking and filthy. The locks were all unsafe and there was no smoke detectors and bars on the windows if there was a fire because of electrical faults you would be burnt alive. The electric wire was mainly made up of what i describe as speaker wire. On the first day i was getting on my under ware when i became aware of some guy watching me and he said -> oi have uve left a light on in the bathroom – i was fairly startled and i said my partner was getting ready and i was going to use the bathroom then turn it off – he replied good and walked off?… so i wondered how he knew this went into the bathroom and attempted to open the window in the bathroom only to be attacked and barked at by a dog, but i caught a glimpse of what i could only see to be like a dumping ground of filth and rubbish. I noticed my health start to deteriorate over the 1st few days from the damp and musky air in the place plus no air con didn’t help to the point were i couldn’t breath and coughing very badly. The second day the floor has no mats in the bathroom i fell out of the shower and landed on my back and was hurt when i hit the floor loads of filth and dirt fell out of the bath and i noticed all the fungi on the bottom of the old shower curtain. We was out the night after and bumped into a couple who was staying in the other side of the building and apparently the were upgraded to what they called the villa so we said we would compare villas and have a bottle of wine. No theres was more expensive by ten pounds and it seemed better than ours although it was dangerous to get to and seemed to be in like out building like a garage they were really upset. So we said we show them our apartment and they really couldn’t believe it!! they was in total shock. So we had a couple of bottles of wine to make the most of it and had a good chat and exchanged details incase we was in spain again and hit the sack or should i say the towel…   I woke to shouting and heard the rude man speaking to my partner asking her why we was arguing and she said we wasn’t and he said we was and he had just got out of hospital and could do with out the noise and we had to be quite – when my partner told him to go and ask the other people and told him he was damn rude for not introducing himself and asking us what was going on last night instead of just shouting like that, she said i refuse to talk to you anymore and dint appreciate his manner on our holiday. She came to tell me as i was wiping the sleep from my eyes as i replied he was at the window again and said I’m here!!! he was listening to our private conversation – he said i have talked to next door your right you wasn’t arguing but to keep it down!!!!!

A few things they told me they have a recycle facility were the water out the washing machine waters there grape tree? would you et the grapes? the safe in the wardrobe you can just walk off with!… the windows are rotten and the walk to the marina is roughly just over 20 minutes not the six minutes advertised – stay away from this place not only is it filthy its dangerous, smelly and I’m not sure if the landlord peeps through the holes in the walls….. beware its a 1st class dump.

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