its been a while said paul …

my good pal del across my blog and reminded me its been a while!!

ill start on the music side – finally got myself a 12 string rickie 330 fired to one side which  I’m looking forward to getting my hands on… lovely bit of kit in fireglo, also before i had chance to leave i tried out the TC electronics rig I’ve had my eye for a while class D 450 amp head and a 2×10 lightweight cab – great compression and 450 watts from a head this small is amazing – the cab is lightweight and does 300 watts so you can add another cab and have 600 watt in speaker cabs and carry these in on your own at the same time!! i have to say its going to be the hardest thing getting rid of my trace elliot rig which I’ve used reliably for over ten years and been using race elliot all through my years of playing bass! one problem with trace elliot gear is caring it! also there is the problem of finding someone willing to help you carry it!!! I’ve struggled for years – so yes its the rolls royce and who ever gets to buy it is a lucky person ……  been self teaching slide and it aint sounding bad at all – the problem is there aint a lot of slide players around here 🙁 they have a blues jam on a sunday in lancaster which i miss cause i gig which is a shame. Im listening a lot and learning its a great thing to learn lots of people think they can just take the piss and pick up some bottle neck and play it but they find it sounds shit – a few things you have to keep in mind you need the right rig – the right guitar – the right feeling – otherwise be prepared to look a twat!….. my guitar playing is coming on well considering I’ve always been a bass player its nice to get a lot more guitar work and the blues band i play in top dog I’ve jut moved onto guitar with jim playing around his guitar and firing in some slide which is something to get my teeth into!.. the weekly acoustic rehearsals i have with paul is great – great harmonies and some great guitar parts – so all around i have to say music is good, real good.

techie stuff – just got me  a draytek 2830n – this is like the dogs nut in routers – gigabit – three aerials for wireless – 3 internet connections which failover and share! usb port which can be used for failover 3g stick or usb hardisk or printer to be shared on the network or just for a syslog stick!! We had a crap connection and the wireless was crap upstairs i noticed when i was trying to work if i pulled my lads computer out the network speeded up which this wasn’t the first time as the network has been doing this for a while – with this router I’ve tied him into a ipadress as the router locks mac addresses to a ip address then i fired his ip into bottle neck which stops him from hogging all the internet and I’ve attached logging to the ipa dress to his two pip addresses so i can see what the fuck he is doing!! i have to say there has been no drop outs and no slow downs since i took this action – so yes 180 is a lot of money for a router when u get these for for free usually chucked in by your ISP but to be honest they are a pile of crap, You get what you pay for 😉

more techie crap – jut moved all domain from a hosted server to pro cluster which has taken ages but was worth it! i moved all my domain into the host were i host the cluster so they are together now – on the pro host all the email addresses / database and websites were all mixed together which was a real pain. Now they are all kept separate which is a lot more organised and makes it easy to get straight and work on the site in question. Ive started testing my websites on wordpress as I’ve always used joomla – only because you can use a blog editor on your desktop to update the site without having to go in the back of the site which is handy – i haven’t found it better but not bad ill keep testing……   I’ve also put second test phase of global band network – its very cut down and plain at the moment but watch this space…..

Just got me a copy of the old unreal tournament – old skool game weighs in at 900 meg compared to the games of today which around six gig! but hell this game kicks ass – fast paced with internet play – amazing runs great on the mac – i remember it worked well on my linux boxes aswell… right of to kick some assess see you all sone you hear !!