action packed weekend!

great weekend away in the caravan up near kirby! was rehearsing with top dog friday so took the caravan up and went for a few beers after and got my head down in the caravan.. saturday made up some great breakfast and got prepped up for gig for the harley davidson crew at the black bull – I played it with top dog and it went down great ! explosive R&B set kicked assss in style, i love my fretless man specially through the trace elliot 18×10 cab! ooooh yer 🙂   had a great steak in the black bull and moved on for a few beers at the coach house with my uncle ken and brenda were the band was well complimented !! went back to the pub were the van is and got trashed! cant remember going to bed! anyway got up around 11 made some ace food up again and then went and picked the gear up which killed me and headed back to town.

Great weekend – Great gig – Great break  great great great ha ha 🙂

if you need a top action packed blues band check out top tog on facebook – shit hot


valandmyboys is a facebook stalker aswell

did you read my post about the crazy lass on ebay who ripped me off then started threatening me with the police ?

well the crazy cow started stalking me on facebook now and she has beeen asking questions about my partner – she is a looney luckily enough ive tracked her IP address and reported her to the main admin at facebook – avoid this woman she is a looney and she buys second hand clothes and doesnt pay for them – read the post below..

proper crazy cow she kept posting me the same message on ebay so i reported her to that

watch out for this one she is a right nutter

stalker - crazy bitch