good gig yesterday

just like to say thanks to all the musicians who jammed with us yesterday for making it a great day !!!!!

dan / frank / gary / joe waite / rob dorrington / andy creevey / martin fleming / rod kurns – my dad! and the percusion guy! bloody great day – love playing guitar makes a great change! the new telecaster was cool with the p90’s and dans jap strat sounded spot on!!

just found the vocalist for the new line up again a well selected top musician – awesome πŸ˜‰

well its been a wonderful xmas – couldnt have asked for anything more all the family is great – lovely presents thank you xxxx best kids in the world

loads of gigs lined up for the new year which is damn good – things have never been so good

ill be blogging about new years eves activities – hope you all have a great xmas time – loads of love to fi – mum / dad / sis and bro

ho ho ho


macbook RIP

I put my mac into sleep mode then left the plug out for a few days and
now its dead πŸ™

Called apple care sounds like a logicboard fault – so a new one is on the cards πŸ™
And we just had our 13″ macbook stolen hen we got robbed little twats!

xmas tux

So ive built myself a linux laptop using ubuntu πŸ™‚
Works damn great ! setup no problems ive got access to my contacts and calendars using thunderbird and all its great plugins!! ive got my bookmarks as I use xmarks to sync them! and ive got access to my evernote notes using a application called nevernotes.. seems to work fine
Ive had to mount my music/movie/photo shares using upnp and xmbc client which works great πŸ™‚
Im just writing this blog on lekhonee which is a nice wordpress editor πŸ™‚

Was fairly ratted yesterday went to the wagon and horses in lancaster @ ellisons work do and then wandered off into morecambe to watch a soul band in the cheiftan – not bad at all! Got a few bits to get for my close family today and im set for xmas πŸ™‚ – im a bit disapointed with this year and feel let down by mainly one person who has caused so much trouble and split ythe family I hope this person is ashambed of itself as if you are readsing this you know who you are you disgust me with your interfearing habits but its bred into you and you know you are known for it so have a nice xmas…..
Im looking forward to the new year lots of new projects on the horizon – ive had to stop all domestic work as its simply a waste of time and its hard telling people i cant fix there computers anymore but ive let a few slip through and they are more hassle than anything so im defo not doing anymore! 100% – Im sticking with websites and commercial business only – and one of my new projects which i will start to reveal more on here in the new year…. had to knock all favours on the head and had to stop administering any sites ive been running there just aint no point putting in all the time I have time is money and if projects dont kick in within a year screw it – next year is for me and my family fuck everyone else simple as.

Bands are going well im now in two bands one doing covers and one doing original stuff which is great as im writing some great parts on the fretless and they always have new songs and plenty to do instead of stood round like a bunch of amateurs scratching heads saying what shall we do then! ppphhhffff!
Ive just stripped another bass body this ones going to be a jazz fretless and this one is unlined πŸ™‚ my number one is lined and I use this nearly all the time now – although a alembic is on the cards for the new year…… aswell as a new rig – yes i use a proffesional trace elliot not a little shitty practice amp! but im looking portable like a mark bass 2×10 combo which does like 500watt – ive tried a fre ashdowns and they suck dogs assssss.
Been having some good jam days with dan / gary / wrennie frank on a sunday – we have boxing day lined up which will be interesting !! i play bass and guitar which i enjoy!
Im going to get a film lined up for tonight on the apple TV for tonight and order a curry and have a few beers – looking forward to tomorrow nice easy day got my dad and andrew coming over so should be interesting πŸ™‚

im popping to promenade music for a few last minute bits – you have a merry xmas you hear

ho ho ho ho

The post is brought to you by lekhonee v0.7


good gig last night

good gig last night ! at the old smokey conners
played upstairs for works do with dan – i like playing rhythm / lead funny how some people are just crap and just think rhythm guitar is just strumming you can do so much with rhythm guitar (if your a natural that is)
got finished up and got a taxi through to lancaster to meet fiona on her work do
its been a while since ive been into lancaster as I dont want trouble from some people
but i thought sod it let them start and show themselves up
Bloody good night went to bentleys and ended up in lounge
although I have to say the bar staff in lounge rip you off if you pay for a double they put singles in
so beware – I personally dont like the place and will not return after they try to rip me off.
Suppose im just used to the good service in my local the george pity there wasnt any other decent watering holes in the area with bands…

just doing my last day of domestic repairs as most of the people in this town either have no money or will harass you as they so desperately need the computer back ! its quiet funny i was going to keep doing some for friends but to be honest ive just tried a few tricks out … ill basically go do a job for a mate for free and then ask them to do me a job for free and it doesn’t seem to work ! mad isnt it they dont want to return the favour – im out of favours – so basically no more mr nice guy – im zero tolerance now I will not be used for a mug by nobody – I no longer do computers for friends or family. Apart from that commercial work is going great – plenty of commercial work and websites.

just got back from marbella – had a smashing time – met some great people – looking forward to going back very soon…

Band stuff is going well black heart afterglow has plenty of gigs for the new year and hecklers is trying a new vocalist this week to kick some asss in the new year πŸ™‚

Got all my bits together for the unlined fretless – this ones called number two and number one is a lined fretless – im going to strip her over the xmas holiday – looking forward to trying my hand at the unlined now my lined technique is spot on and have some great compliments regarding my playing and sound when i use number one. But lets face who can touch me round here? gary this and simon willan are the only people i know who are shit hot !!
calling all bass players….


snowed in snowed under

well its been a bit hectic ive been snowed under since i stopped doing domestic work! and the weather has been shit! im having to get another battery for the range as the cold weather has killed mine πŸ™
well its been crazy latley with work and with music to be honest ive never had so many rehearsals and gigs madness
Things are going well with blackheart afterglow had some great gigs – yorkshire house was cool and we are quite well booked into the next year now πŸ™‚
I played the full weekend this week end which I enjoyed – friday was different played for keith franklin for his birthday – me and dan and johny nash on drums
got really trashed on JD – saturday went to my watering hole the george and watched idol minds for a few songs.
dan rang me to play guitar sunday as his lass was due the baby and he may of had to leave early so i could take over. Wrennie was on aswell and dan had to leave so me and ste took over the gig and it went great!! young jefferorson moore got up and played some cool guitar and his farther geoff played some bass with us – makes it all different and good to watch – peoples comments were nice – people couldnt belive how well we played – took our jodie she really enjoyed it πŸ™‚
well rehearsal 2morro night with bhag then another one thursday with my band hecklers which should be cool then out gigging friday
got all my bits together for the new fretless im building – she is called number 2 – no fret lines and natural jazz like number one – i tend to use the fretless always now its a whole lot better for original stuff and kicks asss on the zep / who stuff
although i have been looking at another alembic series one for next year with side LEDS! ive got some big gigs coming of next year so might aswell get my moneys worth out of the bass – ive had a few alembics and they were always sat in the case unless we got a gig which was hardly? so cashed in!
just watched the day john lennon died such a loss to the music business – so much talent – its a great life being a musician and mixing with so many talented people – its funny even before he died he said he loved mccartney even though they didnt talk – they did all that time together shared good times – its been damn great getting back with dan and steve – makes me realise how good we was together pure talent. We have such good memories

got a server to configure this week and a couple of draytek 2820 routers which are cool and some y-cams – all good stuff – have to go and fix another BT router god they are crap lock up like daily ?!
got some new services i will be adding to my business in the new year involving CCTV and business pbx Voip systems which is exciting – so watch this space ..
Got a couple of domestic jobs that have crept through over the past couple of weeks and thats it as from the new year I wont be doing a single one !!!! i cant understand how some of my mates think i can do jobs for free or like a tenner! how can you pay your bills with that!! so my masterplan is going well zero tolerance πŸ™‚

Got the Ycams going in my house after i had some robbing twats in my house – they send instant email / text message to mobile and offload footage of site and then i can view on the iphone so next time they will be recorded – scum
we have our 2 xmas trees up and are ready for xmas – ive decided to work through and take xmas day and boxing day off for the jam day this year! rock and roll xmas

before i go id like to say congratulations to my old pal dan and tor on the birth of there new baby girl today at 7pm πŸ™‚

watch this space wardster fans