good rehearsal tonight

great rehearsal with hecklers 2night!
next monday we audition vocalists again fingers crossed!
just got pictues from the photo shoot the other night with black heart afterglow – well happy with the results -> 70’s retro cameras kick ass πŸ˜‰ – global band network is getting lots of new members
2011 is the year trust me – i just hope it works – its a great resource for muscians and black heart afterglow πŸ˜‰



yer its been a while – check my new hendrix picture i created! <- over there ;)
dont you just love it – ive decided to turn my back room / office into a rock and roll shrine!
Ive ordered some prints for my unique beatles picture…
Well again ive been buy as ive now knocked all the domestic work on the head for reasons such as
Bringing the computer back a year later and saying i never did it right! scratty trouble makers saying I sold em a pile of shit when they know it wasnt and people like asking you to go do a job I dont so they come to my house and offer me a fiver ppphhff you get the picture
so now im 100% commercial – networks – websites – VPN’s – optimisation and work only for businesses – plus my new policy I will work for any company the ones that pay straight away get my fast track service others well they just have to wait im afraid I cant be assed chasing cash.
So yes its going great infact im better of since I did this just ashame for the decent people who appreciate me and pay well.

Global band network is going to get pushed this year Ive put so many hours into coding the site now I need to populate it – ive give it a overall and its functionality is great now I also plugged a iPhone app into the site which works well. Musician search and soon im adding the shop πŸ™‚

Gigs going well – did my first gig last night at the uni with black heart afterglow which was pretty good apart from the sound enginners were dunb as per usual and got feedback and generally didnt have a clue as per usual! the ashdown amp i used was a pile of shit I only use pro style trace elliot rack systems anything else is shit and designed for amateurs ! well we played well set was spot on – got some good feedback – looking forward to playing yorkshire house as he is a good engineer and not a bad rig. Got pissed on 6 beer tokens and had great phone when we did the photo shoot looking forward to the pics coming back – some metal band was on which werent bad shit singer like but good band – convulsions were on last and the guitarist started being a prick with me as he said I was at there gig and was giving him shit but i put him right as the silly cunt got me up to play zep rock and roll on bass – prick.
The hecklers are currently looking for a vocalist although rehearsals are going very well have a poke round my sound cloud to hear how the 1st and 2nd rehearsals here

“Its by far the best band i played in – pure talent.”

Just finished another site this time for suzanne jackson – nice jewellery site with shopping cart – take look here


apple tv 2

well the aple tv 2 is ordered today! bloody great price of a hundred quid delivered direct from apple! now you get a remote with it and power lead but no lead to connect to the TV – usually hdmi lead but in my case were the TV repair man screwed me hdmi i got a hdmi to vga lead coming for it till i get my new tv … real soon!….
anyways quite a bit of change with the apple tv i see it has a 8 gig internal storage and 256 meg of ram and a A4 processor and bluetooth. Now out of the box you can stream movies and music from a itunes share on the network also photos from iphoto share and do some web browsing and some music streaming from
now getting your films and extracting them to the format to import into itunes sounds alright tp me but a tad messy – it is possible… but messy
so poked around and found a bit of software called atv flash – now this software opens the machine up to what it should be like including playing video from upnp and loads of other features like dvd’s on the network and other crazy stuff which makes techies like me happy πŸ˜‰ now its been available for the first generation of the apple tv for a while and the 2nd generation is in beta test but they are looking like they are nearly ready to release!! ive signed up to beta test as im the perfect person for it! and i will test it – infact i cant wait to get my hands on it! ive already got the software and image to jailbreak my box when it arrives friday!!! then i can ssh into the box and then its prepped to get the atv flash softare on aswell πŸ™‚
being able to get movies @ 2.50 GBP each aint bad at all
apple tv will cost you 100 GBP and atv flash will cost you 50 USD -> bargain
its mad that you flash the apple tv same as a iphone ! interesting …

atv flash details here

apple tv details here