another good gig

played a quiet one with dan last night – nice and easy acoustic set and then threw some livelier stuff out in the second set – great audience ! overal good crack..

preparing for rehearsal wednesday and friday – just listened back to some of the wavs ive recorded so far – its shit hot – its nice not being limited to what you can play!

going to check up on the status on my spray job on the new rickie 2morro could do with it back now!!

had a mega weekend and im busy with work

all is good overall – keep tuned for hot news…


our flag?

just reading somr articles on not being able not to fly the union jack as this may offend as we are a multi race country? im not sure how much you can get done but I read if you fly it in your house you get a visit of the council and get to go to court? im shocked and pretty disapointed in reading this. I dont know what the hell has happend to this country and i can see why people get disapointed and leave the country – but how can us ? the little people actually voice what we think when some silly fat bastard who is proabably on the take aswell as being over paid makes these descions for us?
So what can we do ? will who we vote for make difference really ?

“How do we make britain great britain again? the country were we loved and was proud of?”


good times

good sesh last night round morecambe – went to see whole lotta led at the platform! pretty damn good although I prefer the other zep tribute letz zep – overall pretty good mixed bag of tunes nice fat drummer big sound and timed perfect. Guitarist was pretty spot on – they only played the organ on one tune and a bit of mandollin – nice long drum solo man that guy has got some stamina!
no idiots in the place apart from us! suprising what a few exports can do to you !
proceded to hit the town and dragged my sorry assss in at around 2.30! i can just about remember being in coast and surrounded by pikeys? !
chillin out tonight waiting for my moghuls to come which im looking forward too..
Get plenty of rehearsal in as im out playing with the duo 2morro night which is going to be a buzz ..
Ive just been looking at rehearsals spots for the new exclusive band.. ive booked us right through to december – and im also booked up with blackheart afterglow ive never been so busy with the music!
id like to tell you more about the new thing but i cant yet… i can tell you one thing great bunch of lads and the sound well I cant say much but compared to what i used to play with its erm? lets say cherry picked guys of top notch musicanship im kinda looking forward to letting you see the difference! its very extreme – yes its loud – yes its very powerful – yes its rock at its best…
like zep? like acdc? like the who? enough said…… keep watching this space!!

it wont be long …..

on the work side im snowed under to the extent ive knocked all domestic work on the head – for one its a damn waste of time – for another public are hard work – business are much easier ( well some i have one company that im thinking of telling them to go shove it!) but yer corporates and websites is were its at!!!

i live for music – i thank my dad for teaching me the gift properly


play time

sometimes i just need a break man!
so were is the place to be ? after spending so much time in vice city
ive bust out into san andreas !
got the game – got the T-shirt – im not kidding…
and also im one of the privelaged to own a macbook pro and san andreas puuursss like a baby …

“if you havent tried a rockstar game yet – then try one today!…..” here


Band positions ..

Im happy to say all the band positions have been filled now.
Thanks every that asked and sorry for the people who didnt get in.
The members have been cherry picked and have the making of one of the finest rock bands.
We will be hitting my local town to give you a taste ….
So please watch this space were I will reveal the band name
And some of the music and songs we will be covering.
Im so looking forward to unleashing this outfit its took a lot of hard work
And im on the hunt for local gigs so any decent venues feel free to get in touch ..
We will be coming your way soon and like you were going to enjoy every minute !!!!!!

“Watch this space music lovers”


new project

yup here is my new project I just picked up today after some body repairs
its booked into be sprayed gloss black
im going to fit al new scratch plates and im going to coil tap the
whole pick up system – this is going to be special
im looking forward to using this little puppy live…….!…

Rickie 330 – kick some beatles and some jam tunes out on this one ey ey ey?..!


times do change

yes times do change usually for the best – in my case yes for the best
things are all good – business is ticking
gigs are rolling and the music is better than ever!!

Im writing songs now which I admit i was okay at helping out before
Specially in when someone else was laying the words out
I just blast out the chords and help along! no worries
Just always got held up blocked when writing myself
Started writing using thoughts of things that happen and happend is helping a lot
Inspiration doesnt come easy and neither do good lyrics
Although I see some people write bullshit lyrics sometimes the bullshit is good?
As i do more like anything else I get pretty deep into it and get better
Although so far im pretty impressed with my self
I just need this big 12 string acoustic to inspire me to write the chords……..

Anyway in celerbration on my new successes ive changed out my blog theme!!! I hope you like it..
Cause I do !!!
I cleared and tuned my itunes collection on my laptop today and im getting ready for my main collection which should be interesting!!
Im just a third of the way through a new tune this one is real tidy “Rock and roll jigsaw”
Wait till i post these up – far better than the stuff ive done in the past they were shoddy work
Im so much more for getting things right these days……

Im just stepping down from being lugmaster and im waiting for the new person to come along and take role Ive said ill keep attending when i get chance – im sorry to leave the position but i feel its not fair the group should suffer while im so busy – thanks so far to all the support. Great group.