sef joomla on zeus

here is one i found a bit of a task to figure out after ive administered apache web servers for like ever – a joomla install with search engine friendly urls on zeus!!
its like this rename the htaccess to old.htaccess.bak
make a file called rewrite.script
and pop in the following text

# get the document root
map path into SCRATCH:DOCROOT from /
# initialize our variables

# see if theres any queries in our URL
match URL into $ with ^(.*)?(.*)$
if matched then

# prepare to search for file, rewrite if its not found

# check to see if the file requested is an actual file or
# a directory with possibly an index. don’t rewrite if so
look for file at %{SCRATCH:REQUEST_FILENAME}
if not exists then
if not exists then
set URL = /index.php?q=%{SCRATCH:REQUEST_URI}

# if we made it here then its a file or dir and no rewrite
goto END

# append the query string if there was one originally
# the same as [QSA,L] for apache
match SCRATCH:ORIG_URL into % with ?(.*)$
if matched then
goto END

upload the file to the root of the website
and enable all the Set all the items to yes in seo settings in global configuration in admin
even use apache mod_rewrite

test your sef pages work correctly !! worked for me 🙂


Offsite backup program tests

I tested three backup software programs – i wanted multiplatform – iphone client – reliable and fast back up – easy software – good prices

the failures-> spider oak and sugar sync
the winner -> safe copy!!!

spider oak fails to backup most of the time and the gui is awful – the iphone client sends the link for the file you want to restore but the link fails with file not found – just all round crap – the support team are actually alive and respond the next day which isnt bad but ive read bad reports of people loosing lots ot data so steer clear if you ask me…

Sugar sync!! what a joke ! i got the software on the iphone and computer – setup the account – it asks for activation – activate from link sent be email – still cant login – tried 5 times still no luck – sent email to support – no reply in 2 days still – utter crap.

Safe copy – easy install – looks after itself – 3 gig free!! 150 $50 – file versioning – iphone client works a treat!! no hassle – as many machines as you like added to the one account – this software rocks !!! upload through software or through a browser – easy restore!! – sent recovery files through iphone app and link works perfect!! 100%


long time no blog

great weekend in marbella – loved every minute

anyway good work in marbella
got all the work done – plenty of siesta
nice touring in the boxter with the roof down
i loved the power of the porshce on the open roads ….
johns villa was amazing – lovely to stay on the golden mile
the pool and the scenery was amazing
some great acts to watch out aswell!!
on thee work side – just struck some big deals again!
one of my clients mailed me to thank me for the optimisation and said they was so happy to be at the top – while others drop out … what can i do?…..
well the plans in action – time to leave …
in motion – then im going drop sumett 🙂
etnas was amazing tonight
sirloin was special and the spicy garlic bread was perfect…
good to see my dad
well got a good day booked up 2morro and got a meeting with the bank to sort out my ISA accounts
its going to be nice to look back… head down working hard is sooo good and so beneficial.
who wants to buy a semi detached on scale hall for 170?…
watch this space folks