Note Software

Looking at keeping notes and accessing these from your mac ? iphone or windows box?..
Evernote is the way to go…
with the free service you can take notes – picture notes – voice notes
and sync this between all your devices
works great for me !
give it a test drive for free

Free client for iphone windows and mac
were is the linux version – caaaam on……


Lancaster Computers New Services

Remote Backup

Some of the features we can offer:

* 150 gig backup (more if required!)
* Secure backup
* Backup multiple machines
* Mac / Windows / Linux Clients
* iPhone Client
* File Versioning – maintains previous version

Remote Repairs

Some of the features we can offer:

* Remote login
* Fix programs
* Remove viruses
* Remove spyware
* Install updates
* Install programs
* Configure new hardware
* Cheaper hourly rate
3 way calendar / contact / note sync

We offer this service for iphone users only

* No cable required for sync
* Service available through web browser
* Automatic sync
* Add data on iphone / browser / mail client
* Updates iphone / cloud / mail client automatically
Drop Box – File Share

Looking for a quick online file share you can share between your workgroup and also access externally from the iphone? free service?
take a look a drop box…
Multiplatform – Free Service – iphone client – Fast easy setup!!
Shares files / photos etc… Also useful for a cheap offsite backup!


Finding time :)

Still busy as hell! Thought I’d try a blog on the iPhone while taking a crap! Things have quietend down with work for a few days so been spending some time getting the new iPhone 3gs setup don’t you just love a new phone number!! Lovely phone faster than the 3g anyway πŸ™‚
Looking forward to weekend my dads taking me to liverpool for my birthday which should be good for us both will cheer him up he has had some hard times lately and the family stuff has got him down again which isn’t fair πŸ™
So a good few beers and the crack should get h back to normal….
Playing over the weekend and I’m playing bass and singing which I haven’t don’t for a couple of month should be good!! I’m not taking the status I’m preparing to swap this for an alembic so I’m not getting Attached!!
Just looking round at new means of transport to move the caravan around now we have the nice weather / we hVe found some great sites for us to get away which I’m so looking forward too… We are looking around again at new places to live as we Are getting to the point when the kids are going to leave home soon / so yes we Re going for the country house like we should have 6 or seven years ago! We won’t be sad to leave old Lancaster behind I’ll tell you πŸ˜‰
I’ll still play with my dad in the duo as it’s top notch!
Plus I’ve got good news for the new band! I have found a drummer is A1 top notch / very tight drummer intact rock solid top of the range D W kit and he can sing!! So just a guitarist now and a singer / no rush we need the best in town…. Watch this space
So all is good / intact it’s never been better πŸ™‚
See you all soon peeps XXXXXXX


socioeconomic riff raff

all is good at the moment been run of my feet with work and just took 3 gigs tonight!! awsome
got some time coming up in marbella which im sooo looking forward to.

curry was good last night with andy and our lass – the phoular was hot πŸ™‚
we planned our trip to marbella and to america – good times πŸ™‚
had a great time sunday with my dad playing in the lakes – got pulled up by the cops and no hassle passed – the locals love us – we sang and played so well!!! good to see some stars out from emmerdale!!.. ha

the interim for the socioeconomics and riff raff
I no longer plan gigs on facebook because its not worth it! facebook is the devils dandruff – ive been checking it and when there is nothing going on people have to chirp up and try and cause trouble – sad.

anyway back to work – gigs – good times
like my family says fuk em……

quite funny actually for one if im payed money of someone to do a job i do the full job not leave a days worth… – for another i dont expect jobs for nothing and wouldnt dream of offering someone a fiver.. – i wouldnt expect summet i bought a couple of years ago to be worth a flying fuk nowdays


hot stuff…

been to look at some cars today nothing special – going to see tony 2morro about a few things and a car he has up 4 sale see what we can sort out… good to see my mum today she is realy busy and is doing really well what a grafter!! popped into our local which is looking well all new deco going in only to be joined by the kind of people we are trying to avoid .. so maybe have to even change local …
de-activated my facebook as i think its just for people with really with no life.
been looking at some smaller amps (not selling mine!) just for jams – i was thinking mark bass its kinda hard using something else than my trace elliot but I wouldnt use something like a 50/80 watt trace or even dare i even say it a blx?! ha na – the mark bass 2×10 looks up to my standards..
going to try one this week as im thinking of upgrading the status to yes another alembic πŸ™‚
im looing blonde front MK model or something like that!! ive got a couple of sessions coming up were the 2×10 and alembic will cut it nicely for the old funkster…
watched avatar last night with our lass – quality film – if you havent seen it get a couple of hours and chill and watch it! im watching the new harry potter film tonight …..
oh er the hot stuff yer …

just eating a phoular now thats as hot as you get πŸ˜‰


busy times

well ive been busy as hell with work and now looking forward to having our jake onboard with me
going to look at some cars today !! as ours is a tad stuck together with gaffa tape and cable ties..
got some interesting gigs in for me and my dad out of town which to be honest I prefer – looking forward to it so much
I light of recent happenings with the band/family i have decided to just drop all this and people tied with it from my memory
im sorry it ended up this way but shit happens so have a happy life.
got some new guys interested in the new band which are very talented musicians so im hanging around and hoping this comes off
im in no rush I just want it to be right – im going to take this band to high places and wont be playing in this area only big gigs.
Went to watch some good bands sunday – the section played well in the john o gaunt lancaster and then on to the pub to watch some rock band which were spot on they did some zeppelin tunes which were spot on – very tight and the vocalist could well cut it! – me and our lass were pretty well pissed by half twelve so got a taxi home were we had a crazy toy fight and fell asleep listening to some pink floyd – quality times. Ive decided to shy off facebook as its just a hole for people to start shit – its quite suprising the people stoop to on there statuses! oh well they well burn in hell with lucifer πŸ˜‰ i wonder if the little shit stirrers would be happy paying a fee for facebook because thats all the likes of them are creating facebook todo – stirrers – murders there all on facebook is like a little breeding ground for the sad twats!
Well im going to look at some cards with our lass and get some shopping and visit my mum/paula and tony for a little catch up…
Ive got a full week on this week of work and need to paint my dining room and kitchen after the kitchen re-fit which david has done a nice job! he is that honest if you pay him he actually comes back and finishes the job! most people just get the money and run ey…!
Was a bit gutted to get the last minute cancelation at the globe on saturday were ready for it although it doesnt matter the gigs we have coming up are great places and out of this hell hole = no trouble πŸ™‚