Iphone blog

Well haven’t blogged on my iPhone for a while :-0
Pretty damn handy if your on the kazi!
Some led zep playing away aswell quality!
Been busy as hell today plenty of onsite work
Got some bills to sort then I’m going to make a new band poster – I just know this is going to be hard but I know I can find the right musicians to create this powerful new project
I’m going to take what I’ve been playing around at for a few years to the next level – the time has come I hope this town is ready for this – cause it’s time to unleash the power….
Just hope I can find the right musicians around here …


still to busy to blog!..

im that busy lately i hardly get time to blog! i find my self blogging just before I hit the sack and tonight its flowing as i got some great pink floyd tunes flowing in the back ground!
well sunday was certainly an event a load of acts got together and did a a charity gig for local guy called mal who isnt well so we raided a few grand for him playing in the lord nelson all day! great food – prizes – acts and not one spot of bother! My dad hung around saturday as he was dying to watch me play god bless him he sat and watched me chew up the fret board he loved it – cheering away he had a right good session its great to have him come watch me – im truly honoured.
got to get ready for next weekend ive got saturday night and sunday night! awsome playing in lancaster and morecambe ive never been so busy with gigs its brill. Im also finding get backon the active music scene im getting connected to all the musicains ive known for years its great what im gutted about is what i left behind and took advantage of! so many great bands musicians out there and i just got in a rut really best thing i ever did was getting back out here god im hungry for it now.. my slap playing is on fire I cant beleive how much my whole playing has come back together so fast!
Promethium: i just got my mix back from the studio and the mix is awsome im amazed with my playing this time my fretless track is like ive never played before so fat and controlled I cant wait for the final master its going to be something to be proud of makes me want to use all my other stuff ive done in the studio as coasters for my cups of tea!!!!!! and thats no lie.
Im still looking at creating a new band thats going to kick the ass of any rock band round here – i havent started advertising yet but im working on a masterplan its just finding the right lads i need the real deal – im toying with hendrix .. maybe some audioslave … who knows but its going to be amazing im getting butterflies thinking about it – its going to have and always have a big setup – fully mic’d up – full light right – full trace elliot – full guitar stacks and plenty of monitor power – I want big – pro players and plenty of power im ready to kick asssss and who ever else is hungry and shit hot like me will love this – watch this space…..
im getting plenty of practice in again across the board mixing it between guitar / bass / vocals as i need to be at my best in all these which is hard to focus on all three but im managing it – if you want to be the best you have to try your best.
the new project is in test for another month but going very well – some lucky people are involved and enjoying it – more to come folks on that………….
work wise im hectic plenty of laptop repairs and plenty of on sites – so all round amazingly good.
ive arranged a linux meeting for this month as i had to cancel last months with so much work and gigs!!! crazy
finished up the olive branch web site which is loooking good – local based charity in lancaster for people who are homeless or who need help – great cause please visit


crazy times..

well i suddenly get five mins to update my blog – its been so busy lately especially within the music scene its like going back fifteen years its on fire again im loving it! I took friday night off to relax after the hectic week of rehearsing with my dad for the gigs coming up and rehearsing my bass parts for the studio, im in such a zone its quality! saturday payed our respects to tony ross for his 70th birthday at his house in burton in lonsdale – popped into the local pub with my dad for a pint before we went to the house, getting up to the house was great people playing acoustic guitars and singing – some great musicians i havent seen for a while even my old pal and great bass player mr john pete! which we got into some interesting chat with his lad who is a up and coming bass player and i mentioned to get some slap bass in and listen to some of the bass gods!!…. someone say king or pastorius?..!
nice to see tony sing a long and he seemed happy to see me and my dad hell we had some great times I used to do the country festivals with him when i was doing a lot of session work around 15 years ago! with jimmy bamber on the drums – man that brings back memories of the best times ever. Had a talk to tonys family and we headed back to town to the old hall at heysham to check the sinners out for the last hour.. again a great chat with some great musicians then had a chat with a likewise bass player who shares interest in fine hand crafted bass guitars! and he had a couple of overwaters including a fretless… yum yum πŸ™‚
got back home and got straight to sleep ready for the studio session sunday which included some 5 string parts and my first studio fretless parts – now ive been practacing the life out of the fretless to get this part right, three takes for the fretless part!!! with no touch ups not bad!! took a bit of tweaking and also tequenique adjustments to loose a slap overtone coming from getting dug in to much as im not really a subtle player – the 5 string part went straight down and ive listened back and im really happy with the results – the fretless sounds AMAZING – i want more fretless time…
i was that happy i went straight out on the piss and while in the musician mode were else than the park hotel for a jam with the lads! got up and played a couple of rock and roll and fired out some funk and took quite a flowing solo – man i was on fire sunday! we got our old mate dougie up to sing a song with us and he performed like a star! then had a break and got shouted back up on the stage later and lennys telecaster was kicking around so i fired that on and played a bit of guitar aswell which was not bad..
then into town to watch some more music – popped in the lord nelson and then hit ma murpheys to watch a single act which was pretty good he was using some old 70’s strat which wasnt bad at all!!
well was well trashed got my sorry musician backside home and cuddled up to our lass and listened to some floyd -> good times.
im hard back to work monday in the business and with my partner in the states
things are moving forward bigstyle this week so watch this space…
its all music music music
which reminds me thursday jam day ? a jam during the day !! yes sure is – the stone well tavern kicks of at 3pm with some jazz..watch this space ill let you know the news..


st patricks day bash

great night wednesday celerbrating ST patricks day! the smokie o conners was the ideal place to celerbrate it! the irish dancers were great very talented – dan did a good irish set – then i got up for the last hour to have a jam and sing some golden oldies!! just great seeing some of the old faces who have been watching us play since we were young lads nicking of school to play and learn the ropes!! some of my great mates having the crack! quality makes next years st patricks day something to look forward 2….



passed someone one a series one lambretta today took ages to get passed the old piece of crap!
i used to love scooters and cant see any problem with people having a road worthy hair dryer but this was a old clapped out piece of crap that should be in a museum! Makes me think why i bothered going up and down the country on the bloody thing when i could have just jumped in a car ! what was the fun in getting wet cold and getting a sore asss???!! the events we pretty lousy mostly men and lasses with funny clothes hair cuts and larger backsides than normal!! i thing we did around 6 gigs with band and had about 2 good ens and the others were crap especially when we got booooooo’ed of stage!
waste of time – energy – money and life. suppose if we had a do at wigan you might get a decent pie?!


project and music…

well ive been so busy stuck behind the screen working on the new project – its been released to a few beta testers and I have a small list of bugs in fact the small list was stuff I already knew about so thats not so bad!! so we are looking at maybe a month until release so i will be leaking information over the next few weeks…
im taking 3 hours practice on the basses today and hour 2morro and i might go and have a jam at the park 2morro which is fun getting chance to play a bit of bass and sing! although its a stuggle to get a slap part in with it not being my bass and its not setup for it so I usually have to take 2 runs at it!
Im going to set all the gear up and get some rehearsing in sing and playing guitar this week as since the split ive had to carry on the gigs with my dad so we have got to get ready for the 1st one next week! im not that bothered as my dad is just no messing drop him in and were away and visa versa! im just so lucky to be able to be able to have a farther son duo.. i need to learn a couple of guitar solos beatles get back and live for ever oasis which ill chew as they aint that hard.
The funny thing is when im in a band and duo i get no work as soon as i walk i get battered with gigs!!! so im booking them im now booked solid infact im out every weekend for a while!! Tonight is the only night ive got of in a couple of months!
I dont know but i feel ive had aweight lifted of my shoulders and now im not on hold im moving forward….. if anybody wants to book a band or a duo please drop me a email or leave a comment on here.
Couple of computers to do today on my day off but hey another day another $$$ i cant complain I dont have to get my hands dirty -> happy days πŸ™‚ Might go and check a band out 2night seeing i got a night off -> lancaster seems to have a lot of up and coming musos and repative bands in the penny bank suppose its alright if you cant get gigs! i find the pub has pretty time served musicians and morecambe we have ma murpheys and the bath were we seem again to get time served musicians which is good keeps out the crap -> hot spots for duos and single acts in morecambe are the lord nelson and smokey o conners! musnt forget a mention about the yorkshire house in lancaster of course its probebly been going the longest now! quiet a bit of choice as long i see some decent musicians…
right were is that fretless time to become that popstar! not! i mean time to get untouchable again πŸ˜‰
adios my little blog buddies


late night

had a late night again coding last night with my partner in the states, its hard work but also great because we can talk about the thing that are different with our countries!! I find it odd when they are ready for T time and im getting ready for hitting the sack!! its a long day my hours are from 10am till 6pm and then I started again at 8pm and coded right through till 5am!!!! then i have to wind down so get to bed for 6am – then im up again for 11.30 now that might sound lazy to you but im afraid thats the rest the old brain requires!! i cant imagine having a manual job and getting my hands dirty now but hey i don’t need to its my skill!! and im happy sat on my arse working its the way forward!!!! ive just had my dad round for a few cups of coffee and a chat which is a good break and i find myself so lucky to have such a great farther he is someone who you can trust and he is such a great person. Get back to some more coding but im still feeling a bit head taxed which is hard to understand until you actually do it. Im going to get a hour on the fretless today work on the track for the studio a bit more ive sussed a nice fill im going to touch the song with and Its inspired me to play some great slap routine which i can use as great practice routine that triplets and all thumb and can have a nice pop in it when required to break it up – 2morro the status is coming out and thats going to get a couple of hours as im going to be playing a song on it that needs touching up.
Im going to take a look at the stratocaster and just sort the action a touch i like the action low but i was trying to pull out some overbends again the other night and they were choking just on the edge maybe im overbending to much or maybe ive got the action to low ? something ill figure out… i cant moan about the strat certainly kicks the ass out of a lot of guitars ive heard its crystal clear through this little george dennis very open and musical tone is quite desirable and all 5 positions – i think they did me a favour with the new pickup and wiring (grease bucket) configuration, it like to think of it as a old strat which is cool with a upgrade -> hot rod πŸ™‚
Ive been having a think about recent happenings and sometimes things happen for the best im doing real well in business in mind in family in music – I have made losses in friends and maybe family which is sad but life must go on and unfortunately i have to say what i think and if its here in my personal space then thats my view its a shame people have to look into this if its not there business but people do thats people for you. I wont be expressing myself about the band anymore ive cut my ties ive learnt a big lesson from this and like i say had some fall outs. On the other hand im only moving forward. The new project which im working on will go were im hoping and i cant see me hanging around when it does go were I presume. So hopefully one of my wishes is to leave this sad old town behind if that happens ill be the happiest man walking.
Until then i will not bothering with anyone like they say keep my self to myself – who can you trust round here? let me tell you now -> nobody. So now it me my family my business my project my music happy days. Its quite funny but quite expected to get a phone call from one of my ex mates saying he is going to punch my head in for saying he isn’t a musician and say it to his face i would do that and i have said that but the funny thing some people just aint intelligent enough to argue or have a discussion they have to make threats all i can say to this is grow up and just be careful if this happens you will have to pay the consequences I have made the warning.
Im moving on and wish no ties or contact with the people in question if you dont like what you read dont read my personal site maybe go and do some work or spend time with your families, ive been witing this blog for years and write openly what i think this will continue until i go in the ground so im afraid you will have to simply accept this is what i do. i work with computers all day every day so yes i get time to blog.
later folks πŸ™‚ keep tuned in πŸ™‚


a nice day off..

nice to to take a day away from the screen dropped our james off at carnforth and get out and visit my mum πŸ™‚ we have a nice big chicken and we are kicking back and chilling.
ive got a good three days coming up coding sat behind the screen and don’t get to see daylight πŸ™
but hey i have bills to pay !!!
my new project launches this week and im expecting the best so watch this space….
i need to get two hours practice in today – ive set out one hour a day fretless one hour fretted and one hour on the guitar back to scales and getting some vocal practice in. Keeping this back to a strict routine like I used to have. Some of the complex parts I used to be able to play im just been playing around with them and this is going to take 6 months to get back up to speed….
Its a hard task but its all worth it. The new status needs some daylite im going to get the trace elliot setup this week and get my head into 5 string mode.
It seems crazy at this time of my playing to go back to the drawing board and pick out a bunch of scales to work at ! but my hunger is back – im looking round for any session work in around and in any style rock – country – jazz thats one of my good points ive done some major busking and i need to get back into stepping in for bands and doing festivals again! Im looking at getting another amp which i can carry round for the sessions maybe a mark bass rig or ashdown im going to try some combos this week….
im quite happy with the speed and accuracy ive got to already playing triples slapped on the jaydee ive been playing along to some great parts which are very tightly timed not to many notes but very accurately timed and nice to latch along too…
i need to restring the fretless this week as the string i just loaded it with dont feel right and dont sound right – im going to go to some some stainless steel which yes rip the fretboard up but thats how i can get the jaco pastorius sound i like to emulate – get back on the back pick up and funk this shit out πŸ™‚ i am working on a part on the fretless called 33.1 which im putting down in the studio next week – its a perfect song for the fretless some nice space to get in some fretless parts and ive spent a good part of my fretless practice this week on this song so its going to be amazing its funny I talked to my best mate simon the other day he is one of the finest bass players around and slap I cant touch him but he is the sam as me has some great basses and a jaydee but he always has a fretless by his side – we talked about it the other day and he shares my thoughts that the fretless has so much more ways to express yourself its a lovely instrument and i do feel sorry for the guys who pick up the fretless and put it down because its to complicated for them – again you get what you put in it took me over a year to get my head round the tequenique and now i can say i have no fears with the fretless and can play and slap it with ease it just offers a lot that you cant scrape out of a fretted – so any budding bass players scared of the fretless get some time and listen to some of the great fretless players it well worth putting in the time….
Other things …
Great gig last night ive never seen so many people in one place!!! bloody hot pot was amazing!! the irish dancers were superb and we went down a storm which is great – thanks for the compliments! i sang pinball wizard without a struggle whatsoever! which i was good as ive never sang it let a lone practiced it before!!! Good to see some of my old mates – ste morton – melly – tony jackson (little pisshead!) some great dancers!!!!! finished up in queens with keith for last jar before sloping of for a taxi as i was a bit bog eyed! Looking forward now to the gigs i have lined up with my dad now so we are practicing this week not that we need that much just work out who is doing which harmony but a lot of people say im so fortunate to have a farther son duo. One of the gigs we have coming up im so looking forward to as we have loads of like minded musicians invited so thats going to be interesting!! I invited mr bamber who is probably one of the greatest drummers ive had the fortune to play with but he isnt well so I hope him all the best to get well soon he is one person I love grooving some music out with what a talented guy.
But what a great night things are going great musically also watch this blog for all the latest happenings in the new project as they unfold over the next few weeks any musicians should keep there eye on this one – im giving no more clues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……….
dont forget watch my blog because its cool – you know you love it.


welcome any new visitors

welcome to waynes world – party time – party time.

just like to take some time out to welcome my new visitors – I hope you enjoy what you read
all that i write about is true and basically about linux life and music!!
Yes im the original keyboard gangster !!

Please make sure you read anything i write carefully as its here in black and white so no chinese whispers!!

Anyway just got a curry in the oven for my tea yum yum
Just setup my gear for tonights gig – my PA sounds amazing now i have my EV bass bins back – cheers to promenade music for again giving me a great deal – hell they look after me πŸ™‚

My new project will be unleashed soon were i will show all information on this blog! its a revolution πŸ™‚

Im getting ready for the studio session i have coming up and putting down some fretless – hell my level of playing is getting better every day my slap playing is coming on leaps and bounds

so ready for tonights gig the old wayne is back the musician has been unleashed again πŸ™‚