jellybean to the rescue

again jellybean to the rescue got another laptop for reinstall with the serial number ripped of the bottom! which I think is like that for a reason as it looks like a good idea but still easy to wear the serial number of so then the users who dont know how to get the serial –> yes buy another
shame on microsoft for the licence that they sting you for.
Luckily enough I can get into safe mode in the this virus ridden OS and run jelly bean which shows me the serial number then I can reinstall – its like setting up a lamb for the slaughter!


toshiba equium wireless lan problem

After figuring out the worn serial number was not XP and vista i proceeded to install vista after making a slipstreamed XP home and pro disk! the serial number wouldnt work on both installs of course with it being a vista serial !
anyway you dont need a sata driver for vista but after the install you will have problems with the wireless network card as there was something wrong with the bios so the wireless shows in device manager after a restore not from a proper reinstall!
anyway booted of a ubuntu disk which told me it was realtek 8187b which is available on the toshiba site with about another 6 drivers which is a pain as you would think it would be intel with the rest of he drivers being intel!!
any way its here
then i just clicked on the flagged video driver and it installed the correct intel video driver and warned me it might not be from the right provider but its direct from intel so go for it! it then updated the driver so happy days

Ubuntu just worked out of the box all drivers and all programs
again linux kills a windows install.


Toshiba Equium XP sata driver

Problems installing XP pro on a toshiba equium because no hardisk
then we have to make a custom XP disk with the sata drivers slipstreamed in
as you have no floppy and you cant switch the drive to standard ATA in the bios because its not in the bios!
so you to download nlite here
and download the sata drivers here
Install nlite / run nlite
Put in standard XP home disk – and tell nlite thats were the install files are
Then create a empty folder and select that for the destination
Select the driver option and create iso option
it then will ask you for the driver location you can select single file of folder
if you unzip the driver ive attached and just select the folder then click next
it will then ask were you want the ISO or burn direct to a cd
I just made the ISO on my usb drive as i was in a virtualbox on my mac
I then burnt the ISO with burn on the mac
Now ive got sata during the install

Make sure you keep and disks you get when you buy a new computer
Usually drivers are built into the restore disks which can save loads of hassle.


magsafe end fix

this is the mag safe cut off and resoldered and witing to be re – connected

this is the magsafe end stripped ready to be resoldered

the end re-aplied – and works perfect

my next blog about this is when i have found something that makes it look like this!!

Its easy enough to remove the outer casing with some cutters and remove the inside – the connector has two wires which is soldered to three parts on the internal pcb.
Ive seen posts that say you can kill yourself doing this – but i never!! ha ha. All you need is a low wattage soldering iron and a steady hand, de-solder the old wire and re-solder as shown in the pictures to the right places.
I just need to find or invent a external fitment which will replace the old casing which one will look good (so no tape) and another be easy to take off to fix if it needs re-soldering again – plus it would be nice to gain extra strength and still show the LED light……