Late night installs

Sat up late last night and did some linux installs in virtual boxes to brush up my skills!! In virtual box I installed arch linux which was very nice to install and pretty straight forward, I installed some packages using pacman which was pretty straight forward and got xfce4 installed in a breeze make sure you have hal and dbus as it needs it and gnome extra icons package to fix menu items – nice lean bit of kit!
i then went on to install gentoo mmmmm now i got the new gentoo 10 which is a 2.5 gig dvd? crap – tried it in my virtualbox and it never started up crap! ill try again as i think its something to do with not pressing alt + f1 ??!! anyway got the older 2008.1 install in a flash booted of that followed the handbook as its been a while built the OS in a hour with everything built into the kernel and ripped all the crap out – rebooted 100% – then went on to do a debian 5.0 netinstall this just installed in a breeze i must say gentoo just has this feel about it yes it takes a time to build but on todays hardware and with the price of memory why not build your own OS ??? you want power id say go gentoo defo.

while trying this i was talking to gareth on skype and we was screen sharing we noticed my macbook was running with the 32 bit kernel – you find this in apple sign top left of screen – about this mac – more info – left hand side – software –

64-bit Kernel and Extensions: ??

mine read no – so i rebooted holding down the keys 6 and the key 4 for 64!! and hey presto i got a 64 bit kernel!!! yum yum!!!!

linux is cool and so is my mac 🙂


Linux user group meeting 7th oct

We had a few more people showing interest this month infact three new members interested – anyway it started with gareth getting to my house for 8pm -> then we went for james at the morecambe hotel and then flew through to the brittania pub – i must say gareth enjoyed the ride!!! When we arrived andy was already at the meeting armed with mini laptop and our new member duncan who was younger than I expected but none the less from the conversations a loyal linux user 😉 we looked at the sound problem on james HP laptop were he has all the sound working apart from the internal microphone which e tried to fix but had no joy – id say this could be fixed if we had a proper poke around james tried removing pulse audio which im not sure was a good idea!! we talked about installing gentoo and also talked about installing arch linux which im eager to have a play with this week in a virtual machine! Mark turned up for the last hour and we took a look at a site andy has been working on that looked very good.
James girlfriend turned up to give him a lift and me and gareth shot back to mine and stayed up most of the night installing and testing games and other apps on the macbooks!!!! bring on next month more linux chat and CIDER 🙂


Nikon D50 review

The nikon D50 takes pro style pictures – the camera came with a guide on using the D50 which was very handy – even amateurs can just point and click!! I inserted a 2gig SD and this gives me 550 pictures on the finest and highest resolution. The 15-88mm lense is a great multi purpose lense for portraits and general pictures. I found a great nikon camera case on ebay for £8 delivered which fits great. Ive kept the camera close at hand and took lots of pictures around the house to get me started and the results are just out of this world compared to my olympus point and click which has always given great looking pictures – i straight away noticed the wideness and more depth available in my shots! I also tested my mates D40 and that was a great bit of kit – id say for anybody wanting to get started with digital photography get:
Nikon D50 Extra Battery
2 X 2 gig SD card
Macbook or any apple
Aperture or iphoto


New opening times and prices – Please read

Lancaster computers customer announcement – Please read carefully

We are now open 10am-6pm monday to friday
We are now unfortunately closed weekends unless we come to a special rate
All domestic and commercial prices are £35 per hour and we now have a call out charge.Static websites are now £150
CMS Sites are now £250
Optimisation is now £250 (with reports £400 yearly)
We can now offer support contacts for companies that need instant IT support
Laptop / computer repairs are pretty much set price now
Its cheaper to drop off – we charge £10 to pick up and drop off
One hour virus removal is £35
Two hours reinstall and program reinstall + drivers £60 + pick drop off £70
If you need a data back up – you must state what needs backing up

Please note we fix computers and laptops and servers – we supply web services and networking
we dont:

Work for free for mates
Supply pirate software
Get music for people

Please go elsewhere for this as this offends.
If you need to get hold of any member of lancaster computers please call or email or text message – if we are on site and can not take your call please leave a message do not call repeatedly call this doesn’t work whatsoever.

Many thanks I hope you understand, the funny thing i know most people wont!


WordPress to facebook

Just fixed my wordpress to facebook plugin didnt realise i had to put a new API key in every time i update the damn plugin!! it says a one off on the plugin settings!! oh well fixed now so all the little face buckers can follow my blog which is much more interesting than the shit that is caused on facebook!! i wonder why thats better to twitter??…. mmmm


Mac osx snow leopard upgrade

Just got my hands on the new version of mac osx – snow leopard, awsome bit of kit. I decided to go for a clean install as there was so many changes to the core – one being full 64 bit otherwise i might have gone for a upgrade – anyway the install is very slick and simple much easier than any windows install! anyway cleared the drive and 20 minutes later im in snow leopard, first thing i noticed how much snappier it was! from then on it took me a hour to setup all my apps which wasnt bad – most of the apps are snow leopard compatible now I ran into 3 apps !! which aint bad. I use codeweavers games to run GTA vice city and a few other doze games that run badly in a ciderized wrapper so i got the new version 8 down and this also failed? so i downloaded crossover pro and this works 100% – one of the others was smallimage2 which to be fair stated it on their website when i downloaded it but i found imageresizer which i have to be honest is more what i wanted in the first place! and last but not least the real pain in the ass is artisteer which i just payed like 70 quid for! this creates my wordpress and joomla themes except it doesnt until they fix it!! and it turns out its not down to them its more the mono wrapper it sits in! as its basically a .net proggie!! how dare they charge me 70 quid for a non native app?? i hear they are working on it and have working patches…
anyway some nice features built in to many to list but all i can say is its worth the upgrade specially for 40 quid for a 5 user pack! knocks the socks of any windows operating system 100%
if you havent got a mac .. get one 😉