seo pages on joomla

Ive been struggling getting seo friendly pages on my joomla installs – i assume it must be my service providers or the way its setup – ive tried everything online any way stumbled across sh404sef now this works a treat – you have to sign up and pay a subscription for it but i managed to find it for free some one is giving it up im not sure if they should! i got it from here im not offering it for download because im not sure! it has other features available in it and has enabled seo friendly urls on my servers! so give it a shot even at $35 its worth it…


image compress for the web easy on mac osx…

Just found a quality free little app for making images the correct file size – shrinks them from like 4meg to under a meg just drag and drop and specify a output folder easy
its called smallimage2 – anyway took a look at the snow leopard link on the site and this app dont work on snow leopard – damn im getting that this weekend πŸ™
now i got to go on the search again till it get re coded πŸ™

take a look here


fix ubuntu grub with a gentoo disk

I managed to break grub while testing a triple boot!

Pop in the gentoo disk let it do its thing
Lets chroot into the broken ubuntu system

I did fidsk -l to find my linux root and its was hda6

mkdir /mnt/root

mount -t ext4 /dev/hda6 /mnt/root

mount -t proc none /mnt/root/proc

mount -o bind /dev /mnt/root/dev

chroot /mnt/root /bin/bash

Now lets fix grub



find /boot/grub/stage1


root (hd0,5)


setup (hd0)

type quit

Now type

fdisk /dev/hda

type p and press enter

my windows partion 1 was active as it has a star
so press a key to toggle and i selected 1 which was windows partition and then press W to write then reboot!! if you press P while in fdisk this tells you which drive is which ..


my day

was woke at 9.30 by the gardner :-O on a sunday morning!! nooooo! i didnt mind him saying ill be round for eleven i was thinking nice time for me to get up on a sunday morning but 9.30!! why? sod it i stayed in bed and sent our jake down with some $$$ for the poor guy πŸ™‚ nice job anyways !! just my hedge to tackle now which il get blasted this week and then it the garage !! yes the garage or do we call it the dumping ground ? its getting to the point were all the crap that it holds it at the door so then we cant get anymore crap in….
pea and ham soup for breakfast ?? yes bloody odd but it was lunchtime and couldnt be arsed making bacon etc etc… went for rehearsal late as usual with promethium which i got moaned at later on by dan but fraser was like well later than me so eat shit and die dan. Very good rehearsal maybe we bloomed a little today… the new song had errrr energy and soul and made you want to errr twat someone!!! lol didnt make me want a spray tan though ey fraser… mmm… went to visit my mate for a while and whipped home to get our lass up after her sleep in after working nights ..
the planes we usually have over the morecambe bay never came because of the winds from the east… usually get the red arrows and the lancaster bomber but hey the old ford cortina group showed up !! ha ha πŸ™‚ had a few phone calls regarding some shite that some one stirred up thats got nothing to do with me and only to do with one selfish person and i know that because i was in the same boat not so long ago and the faster they wake up and face the music the better its all good doing what you do to make yourself feel better but sometimes you just have to look at the bigger picture to make yourself well again we all have shit to deal with its how we deal with it – but hey thats another story im just so lucky thats all i can say πŸ™‚
chilled for a hour and dan turned up so dropped fiona off and went to the bobbin for a few beers – playing pool and watched scuzz the guy who was looking after the show on scuzz was sporting a from the ashes T shirt which is a metal band from lancaster which I really like and we all had a cheer! including sean one of the members from the band! good times I hope the lads all the best! was going to order food from a restaurant close by but its to darn expensive even with the 10% discount for take away.. so ordered from another place close by and got food half the price well Β£12 and enough food to feed four hungry bellies πŸ™‚
used my new toy playback which cost me ten quid install it on my mac and share all the films – photos and music to my PS3 across the network – worked awsome and it streamed my movies in 5.1 !!! best ten quid i spent on a computer in ages!! saying that im getting snow leopard this week at Β£25 for a upgrade!!! now thats value for money!! i watched the killing of john lennon – 5/10 could have been better. Now in bed on my mac book pro very tired and ready for a mad week of computers and websites ! Still no business partners on the horizon but im thinking of sacking that now and just getting fired in now sick of people who are just not prepared to put there full into it – its here for the taking so i guess i just have to leave ya all behind πŸ™‚ i gave the chances – times up.
just hope i can afford to pay to keep my lights on at work !!! because when you cant afford that you know your a failure πŸ˜‰