busy busy busy

not a lot of time for blogin lately πŸ™

but hey i see there is a mac update on the G4’s that seems to like kill em – oh fuk! thats very odd? or is it just a freak thing that’s happend to two of my m8’s who have updated there G4’s at the same time?…. we will see – barmy

got some brushing up to do in the 6 string dept – thats goes for bass and guitar! my first gig with a band playing 6 string this week im used to the duo and other bits of guitar work usually but got a gig this sunday playing guitar.. and no im not moving to the dark side im a bass player through and through just lets me unleash my shit – 6 strings – overdrive and my frustation – flows through the guitar easily !!!

this week i unleash the trace elliot 18×10 cab and the big fat 6 string bass ! with promethium at the well awaited rehersal – they will get to experience real 6 string power through my bitch of a setup – its lets say a experience when it moves your insides and makes your bowel move you may even shit your pants when it flaps your pants – nice – it hasnt helped towards the tinnitus πŸ™

need to get my ass together with the shop and get this shit finished up ASAP – I will be getting my head into it next week get the last two rom finished up so we can get open and trading πŸ™‚

got a clamshell G3 to get tiger mac osx on over a firewire connection – should be interesting!!! …. summet to blog about

also had a play with the tunomatic bridge this week on the new epiphone gibson sg400 custom i bought! – I basically got the action pretty shit hot and it was choking so lifted the action a tad and the strings felt tight – so lifted the tunomatic bridge tuned back up – give the truss rod a twist and tuned again and then dropped the action a touch again and it was perfect – > low action – no chokes – strings feel nice and ready for overbends – tunomatic = coooool – just ordered a graph tech nut – then im doing a full wiring kit mod – then we might go on to swapping out the three humbuckers for three fat seymour duncans !…. we will see ill be blogging about my new axe soon..

just reinstelled another windows laptop because it was not genuine but had a serial number on the bottom which was legit!? yes another one which got pro installed but had a serial for home!!! MS suks

dot 4get your only here once so enjoy this shit while you can πŸ™‚



Dell inspiron 1525 – ununtu jaunty

Just removed vista from a dell inspiron 1525 and installed ubuntu’s new offering jaunty πŸ™‚ I used the 64 bit version which took 30 mins to download the ISO rapid servers! The install was a breeze after answering around 5 questions it was away! It ate the install around 15 minustes later I was logging on!Β  I tested all the usual things wireless – sound – webcam – video all just worked straight out of the box no messing!! I played a mp3 with rhythmnbox and it went off and got the required codecs! I went into synaptic and installed java plugin and flash plugin and amsn.

This has give this laptop a new lease of life my mate complained it was slow out of the box with vista – well this has 64 bit linux power and now its powerful πŸ™‚

If your looking for a decent laptop around the Β£300 mark get a dell inspiron 1525 – you can walk into currys and buy them of the shelf!! fire jaunty on it and your away.

10 / 10


Linux meeting

Β Very interesting meeting talked about window various window managers and had a great demo of andy a 3D virtual tour he built using java script. Then we set of down to the bobbin to catch a band but they all finished! (at 10 oclock!!??) anyway we moved onto the penny bank and caught the blues band in there which were pretty darn poor and then finished up the night in hustle!! Great meeting πŸ™‚


Fan club update

Due to the increase in demand in the day in the life fan club we have a new batch of T shirts and mugs coming in!! so if you want your saving please drop us a email – the popularity of this site has expanded big time πŸ™‚

I will continue to help linux and mac users with all the tips I can!!!

I know i can post some hurtful items and im sorry if I hurt your feelings but I just post the truth and facts – so if you think your are being blogged about read into more and try and look at the big picture – how can I help you anymore than that?

Also if you havent alreadt got jaunty get it downloaded it rocks!! Ubuntu linux has come a long way with this version – fast boot – very tight and polished operating system – my dist upgrade was a breeze from intrepid ibex – around a hour πŸ™‚