Lancaster Linux User Group

The lancaster linux user group is going strong – we have a meeting the first wednesday of every month in the brtittania in lancaster – if your interested in linux – mac osx – html – developing etc then feel free to come along!!

It doesnt matter if your new to linux or just wanting to find out more information. Please feel free to join the mailing list or drop me a email if your interested

blog @ wayneward

(without the spaces!!)

Come join the lancaster LUG


Call of duty 4 macintosh

Just installed call of duty 4 on the macbook

The price was very reasonable and delivery was fast – amazon has loads of macintosh games including all the sims2 collection!!

The install was just a breeze and the game runs awsome – ive never seen a game run so smooth !!!!

So if some one tells says "you cant play games on a mac or linux"

A total load of crap!!!

Gaming on the mac and linux is the next step and is happening big now πŸ™‚



stats are looking good

Just checking the stats for my clients

My blog (Β  top visitor this month is intec – cheers guys!!

Lancaster computers is just the best found computer setup on google in the area!

Awsome πŸ™‚

Nice to see my links are all good aswell πŸ˜‰

This is for dumb asses: (you know who you are)

Id like to blog more about the tools I use but all my optimisation techniques are confidential now ive taught a few people along the line and have give to much of my education away to people who basically dont deserve it and im actually enjoying sitting watching the arse end drop out of the setup because im not keeping them educated πŸ™‚ The thing is i dont have to explain myself to you anymore you are fading and fading fast and you know it. So dont ask me who im on about – you know fine well, dont waste my time im to busy. Spend some time on how you can make people like you for you and not because you have a few quid – it cant be nice to be talked about with so much hate – havin people sayin hello to you and in there mind they are thinking fat tosser! Or even just keeping your job even though you are crap and just there because you have a mate keeping you in the job ass licking.

better go and check my laptops working ok ey duh – big $$$



The wall of fire – real fire!!

I got a 3Com OfficeConnect Gigabit VPN Firewall delivered to site today – nice little hardware firewall. Nice interface – nice price – ideal for a small office πŸ™‚

Plugged in configured connected the computers – worked fine for ten minutes or so …

Then pop and a nice smell of fire!! yes we had mad the firewall into a doorstop?! No idea why – but a quick call to 3com and we should have a new one delivered in around two days so not so bad …..Β  lets see..

My clients call it the wall of fire – nice and appropriate name id say!!

4 port – wlan port – and two DMZ sockets pretty darn cool for around the Β£160 mark πŸ™‚


linux blog power

just checking my stats – I like this check this out

Go to

do a search for linux blog and select UK

At number 4 you will see one of the main men of linux blog mr mark shuttleworth yes the guy who runs ubuntu linux πŸ™‚

Check out position 7 – yep thats me

my linux blog power πŸ™‚



My optimisation is working nicely im getting at least one call a day from the internet πŸ™‚ it can only get better.

Ive been looking at some of the competion and the IT consulting computer sites in the area are awful – I always look at the information given to me on the site and look at the appearance of the site as well if they dont look up to scratch then i wouldnt go with them – would you!?

Some sites are advertising optimisation and other web servies and dont have a optimised site?

Well we are taking over πŸ™‚


mac osx installer doesnt ask for password

Just going to install advanced web ranking tool on leopard but the package doesnt ask for the root password so the install fails. Ive seen this problem with mpkg files before so i checked all my disk permisions etc but still wont install. I assume its a problem with the installer as i say ive seen this happen with other mpkg files so get a terminal – locate to were the app is and tpye the following

installer -pkg <packagename> -target <mountPoint>


installer -pkg packagename -target /Applications

Asks for root password and installs the package πŸ™‚