My blog stats

Just checking my blog stats for last month – glad to see im so popular worldwide and also some insterest by some local companies – thanks for dropping by – Why dont you add me as a RSS feed then you can see what i blog all the time 😉

You wouldnt want to miss any important stories and news 🙂

I might blog my highest visitors next month :-O



Handy little tool

I get some HP laptop with a dodgy vista resore disk! ok ill reinstall vista from a normal cd but hang the serial number has faded of the bottom of the machine!!! aaaaghhhh! i was thinking what have to get my client to buy vista again!? this pile of shit!! nooope in comes a handy little open source app called magic jelly bean keyfinder! this app gets your windows serial ! any version even on a restored version which is handy and it also gets your office and other microsft serial numbers you may require!!!! anyway got the serial installed vista from scratch and its stable again………

check this


good point?

Its nice to see how many people read my blog! talking to a old acquaintance the other night and he made a point he was busy and i made a point im toooo busy! anyway he says im not to busy to blog! but saying that they must be as busy as me to be reading my blogs! i dont like explaining my self but i work with computers – i sit fixing them all day long if i dont get five minutes to blog while doing a fix there must be something wrong!!!!

+ my blog is quality i have people looking wordwide – I share my wisdom:-)

better check my laptops working okkkkk!? duh ? :-O

ps – i work for myself and im proud of it! i dont have to line other peoples pockets 😉

Adios amigo


IT Jokers

Just stumbled across a IT company based in morecambe apart from them nicking loads of content from my site which is stupid! I checked his SEO seeing they are offering web services etc and ive just got back up of the floor after having a good laugh and a roll around!!!! how do these people get away with it??!! as if you wold let some idiot like this near your site :-O


Shop Status

I havent blogged to much about my shop as ive been to busy doing it really – Basically it was full of crap when i bought it and ive emptied that and got it back to bare walls – I need two large windows removing and blocking up – One doo removing and blocking up – A full new shop front inclding door and window (which is getting ordered this week!) Then a new wall is being fitted to generate a second room which is the workshop – so i will have a customer area – a counter with products – a workshop and a kitchen chill area and a toilet! All the building is fully secure with 24/7 online cctv system which i will be watching from home and a full alarm system with phone dialer and shutters so its tight as duck asss! I estimate 2 – 3 months until launch and am looking forward to the challenge. As ive posted the company is changing from lancaster computers to M & L Computers – Which stands for morecambe and lancaster computers. We will specialise in laptops servers & computers – Microsoft – linux and macintosh – We will provide repairs and upgrades on playstation 3 and netbooks! – we also supply media and hardware and offer a wide range of web services CMS systems – CRM systems – optimisation – blogs – to many services to mention!!!!!!! My knowledge is endless ! need a mail server? web sever ? file server – you name it i build it. 🙂

This year is dedicated to my business – im looking forward to the bloom 🙂


Loads of updates to my sites

Just added loads of new services to my sites – linux on the PS3! cool and CRM – I use sugarcrm mainly but will install vtiger if its more geared towards the company. Ive added netbook installs i upgrade them from linux lite up to ubuntu which works a treat!!!

more updates to come!!! check it out


this little number comes in handy cheers chris :-)

I reinstalled my Asus EeePC 701 this morning with Ubuntu 8.10 “Intrepid” final release. To my surprise the wireless no longer worked whereas it did in previous releases (beta, etc). Jumping into IRC I was able to find a fix however, and here it is. Installing Backported Kernel ModulesYou’ll need to install a backported kernel module package. In order to do this you’ll also need to activate the backports repository. You can do that in two ways. Navigate to System > Admin > Software Sources :: Updates :: (intrepid-backports) Add “deb intrepid-backports main restricted universe multiverse“ After you’ve done either of the above you can then run these commands to install the package: sudo aptitude update sudo aptitude install linux-backports-modules-intrepid echo “blacklist ath_pci” | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist At this point you should be able to reboot and you’re done

happy hacking 😉