isight record

If you have the pleasure of owning a macbook with a built in isight and want to make some small movies for your blog or you tube straight from your isight – give quicktime broadcaster a go!

Its free and produces pretty nifty movies you can also stream them to a external client somewere!!!!

or for a quick movie without streaming and options simply use photo booth in movie mode – which is bundled with most macs!!! just hit the record button and the movies appear in your pictues/photobooth directory


The Shut Down

I sussed out the reason facebook nearly shut my account down!!

Because of a photo with some added text! If you look through my photo albums there is a album called wankers – now that meant it contained pictures or wankers that i dont like! But now there is only one wanker in there!!!ย  There was another picture of a prick called richard farmer who i had the pleasure being his manager and basically because he couldnt do his job i told him to pull is socks up or go back stacking shelves it a shopping centre – so he bubbled me to the managers and with that it had a added caption that read – this guy is a prick if you ever see him in lancaster punch him and ill buy you a pint!! so this violates facebook policies. So i get the picture removed and nearly account shut down!!! So watch what you are doing kid!

Oh that pint still stands unless i get to him 1st… :-)……. :-)…..


Handy mac osx facebook apps

here is a few apps i found for facebook for mac osx, nice little collection here,2000070819,339287565,00.htm

itunes sync app for facebook -let your m8’s know what your playing

Facebook app!!

Check them out fbook is a quaity app with growl notifications!!


Test using quamana

Ive switched to quamana for blogging on the mac – it has all the features of ecto and more ..

I was quite happy with ecto but then it popped up a message asking me for money for licences – I dont do licences i never have!!

Give a go i give it 10 /10

Thumbs up ๐Ÿ™‚

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