Gutted but no so gutted

I been so busy but i thought id check out a site for the company i used to work for
for one the coding on the site is well below standards if i was managing the coders
i wouldnt let this site look so erm…. shite – i wouldnt have out of date information
I would not have dead links all over the site and im sure there would be more clients
it look like the standards have more than slipped which im glad because of the way i was treated – but no so glad because i put a lot of time and energy into building it.
So all i can say is tuff shit guys you shouldnt get rid of the person who gives you power.
Sometimes its hard to hit the bottom but maybe you will think next time before getting rid of the person who made you big ? maybe you should learn about technology and educate yourselves about computers – staff and the people who you should really keep.

Ill sit back and watch the fall 🙂
While i build a empire


Computer weekly

Its so nice to see on the front page of computer weekly the massive interest and growing commercial interest in linux and open source
Then underneath it reads microsoft cut jobs! over 5000 get the axe

Now ive been behind linux and open source for ten years now and i do have a few mates who are in bed with microsoft and the say it will never happen linux will never make the dominant desktop

All i can say is vista??!!!
watch this space – windows 7 sounds a piile of dump like vista. 🙂

Get a life get linux


What went wrong…

Im getting worried will i get any bad symptons from what i have done this morning?

Brushed my teeth
Had a bath
Put the front room fire on
Made the bed
Ironed my clothes
Made a cup of tea and crumpets
Seen the kids of to school
Got dressed
Opened the curtains
Removed all the cups from the kids room
Made the dogs some breakfast
Washed the pots
Put out the betterware catalogue
Mopped the kitchen and hall way
Made another brew
Watched jeremy kyle
Made a brew
Dipped chocolate biscuits in my tea
Watched this morning
Sat waiting for the postman while the floor dries
Went on face book


Some of the symptoms I don’t want from this are

Lack of sex drive
TV Addiction
A fat arse or weight increase
Start saying i do everything around this house
Start moving stuff in stupid random places
Browsing argos catalogues


Tasque on gnome

Just found a excellent task manager which ties into the taskbar
this is a gnome app sp fits in nicely with the ubuntu desktop
this app can talk to RTM and evolution
I installed using apt-get install tasque
I then found it in my office group menu
I started up the app and selected RTM from the menu
It then asked me to login and authenticate
It then loaded all my notes up in a great organised way
Ive added and deleted notes and made changes to notes and it works perfect
Give it a shot if you like to task yourself up!!!!!!



Watch forum

Tried to register on the the watch forum three times!!
Still no email to start up the account….
Ive tried it to three different mail services as well.
Pretty darn poor in todays day and age if the forum is not active
they might as well drop it offline!
See if you can register! thats if your into wristwatches!



Spicebird 0.7 Beta on intrepid

If you looking for a all in one app for email / blogging and messaging + google gadgets this is looking promising!
Its made by the same people who make firefox and thunderbird but its pulling all the services into one place which is a great idea!!
Now already have my thunderbird doing my google mail / contacts & calendar and im using lightning for calendar and tasks which are hosted on RTM
Any how i installed spicebird and ran through the wizard which setup my google imap and smtp server and calendar – spot on!!
I added my wordpress blog and my blogs dropped in but cant find were to write a new blog if i click on the write button it wants to write a email might be me being thick here or something??…..
I wanted to add my google contacts but this isnt a option so i tried to add the zindus addon i use with thunderbird but this doesnt work so no google contacts so no use to me for now!
I added my RTM url and it says the lightning version im using is older and asks me to restart spicebird – then it restarts with all my external calendars disabled??
I didnt bother adding my IM account as i can see its not ready yet ! the google gadgets look cool and its all nicely layed out in tabs!!
But i need google contacts and RTM lets see what happens in 0.8….

take a look here

thunderbird rocks!! (for now!)