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If your setting up a blogging client and connecting to wordpress
Sometimes the client doesnt tell you the url
Dont struggle this is my url
So just change the domain to your site name and just have /xmlrpc.php on the end!!

Happy Blogging πŸ™‚


Corrupt member

Ive done some poking around at a organisation that im wanting to join
The last time i looked they still had a corrupt member of staff working there
He was being a inside informer
He has left the organisation now so i can join

The things we have to do to expand our business – having to check local groups
That are here to help us – but dont know they have inside informers
How do we rid this town of so much corruption??…

If you have any questions feel free to mail me we can talk πŸ™‚


My favorite TV Adds!

Im a pc!! what the fuk is this advert about? im a pc ? so its taking the piss out of the apple im a mac advert?
Im a pc could be linux box ? solaris box? or it could be the worlds worst box of all – A vista box!!! ha ha ha

Iphone advert – you can download all your apps like this – with a big buy now button on display!! who wants to pay for apps on there phone?!!
if i got a buy now button on my google phone id go crazy!!!!!!!!!!! ha

These adverts are just taking the piss and make me laugh ha ha!! summets got to cheer me up!!

Money = Crap adverts!! lol – the 2 main players trying to fight it out when all the time linux is rolling along and getting ready to bite them on the ass!!


Gnome apps I recommend

Like i say ive been running kde desktop for over seven years now and my sudden change back to gnome has been very slick.
Again id say gnome is way slicker than than kde and more integrated although kde 4 is eye candy!
So here it is my recommended application list:

Number one app is evolution defo!! This is a replacement for outlook – infact it eats it πŸ™‚ it can connect to a exchange server if required and now connects to google services which i require. Calendar / contacts / tasks / notes – Cant blog with it yet like kontact …. but 10/10 for me

Parcellite – This is just a clipboard manager as gnome doesn’t come with one by default which i find a bit bizarre! Well this locks into the taskbar and you can select text you have copy and pasted – Very handy. 10/10

Giver – Now this is handy ! Do you have a few gnome users on your network?.. This little app sits in the taskbar – now say you have a file to share or photo etc click on giver and it shows you a list of people available on your network – simply click on them and it pops up with a browse box for the file or folder you want to send, it then pops up at the other users desktop asking them if they want the file!! Easier then saving to a file share 10/10

Drivel – Ive already blogged about this but this app deserves a second mention. If you blog to a wordpress blog this is the dogs plums – Very complete blog manager. Create blogs – view recent blogs – 9/10 – this would be 10 out of 10 if you could minimise to the taskbar……

Pidgin Messenger – Good messaging program – now this does IRC – msn – googletalk and lots of other connectors – Loads of plugins – easy to use and configure – this is a winner 10/10

Filezilla – Excellent program for FTP – very polished and has secure ftp options and site manager. 10/10

Bluefish – Html editor – great app for web page editing supports php and has lots of tools – very clean 10/10

qbittorrent – quality bittorrent program – very straight forward – has web based gui plugin aswell. 10/10

Firefox – this is by far the best browser on the planet – loads of extensions available – fast – secure 10/10

Rhythmbox – Great music player – ive tried all the gnome one and this is the default and the best! connects to daap shares- album art – last fm etc nice front end – easy interface.

Well thats 10 apps!! Well here is one more its not a gnome app its java but worth a mention because im always buying items of ebay! now i want to win so i installed jbidwatcher and this just snipes away for me !! i havent lost one thing since i installed it!! give it a try …..

Move to gnome its were its at!!!!!!!!!


Ubuntu intrepid the story so far..

I always thought kde was more slick – more integrated and generally more good apps available.
Well i first tried putting kde 3.5.9 on the asus 701 then i upgraded to kde 4 which killed it! so upgraded the ram which didnt make a lot of difference so i thought id try gos – google operating system which i thought it used its own desktop, basically the install was greatand i could immediatly see the speed difference. I noticed it was gnome desktop with the google tools added.
So when i moved my domain to google and bought the google phone i tied all my apps – calendar contacts into google. I installed the new version of ubuntu intrepid with the latest evolution which connects to gnome tied in all my apps together with full contact and calendar sync and the speed and slick operation of gnome. Ive had to try various apps for music and / ftp and torrenting etc. But now i have settled nicely having found all applications that are required. Gnome is by far more integrated – more stable – more polished I dont know what i was thinking – my next blog will show my recommended applications – take my word for it gnome and evolution rock!
Ubuntu is ready for business and the world πŸ™‚