32 bit java apps on 64 bit linux

Having problems running some java apps on ubuntu?
Will they may be more suited for 32 bit maybe?
Get a terminal and type sudo -s (and enter password)
Type :> apt-get install ia32-sun-java6-bin
Now find your java app you are trying to run and run it like this

/usr/lib/jvm/ia32-java-6-sun- andtheappnamehere

And your app runs 32 bit java!!!

If you dont want to type that line every time just make a link like this

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/jvm/ia32-java-6-sun- /usr/bin/java32

Now you just type java32 yourappname


free joomla templates

i called a mate of mine regarding a website i was asked to work on and he mentioned i had used a free template on a joomla site i had built for my mate for cheap. So he had noticed it was a free one. Well if you are using a CMS for a site your building for someone cheap would you design a template? nope you use a free template and modify it because you are not covered in the costs to build the template! So if you are building a CMS for a big company and they are paying you mega $$$ then you build them a template as you get covered for this in the costs! otherwise you find them a free template that fits there requirements and makes the site look good and fit there company image. I had a look at the site i put in place then i looked at the site of the guy who made the comment and the joomla looked proffesional i looked at the other site and it looks like the guy is just learning HTML!! so i think ill stick with the free it looks lets say more pro and i know which company id go with if i wanted a site making! me! im fast cheap and a lot more expereinced than the guys round here touting websites and SEO there basically having ya pants down HA HA!!!


Asus one 110 AW

I just purchased the asus one – I bought the white 8 gig linux solid state model.
I didnt even boot the versin of linux that came with it just booted straight of a usb key and installed ubuntu intrepid 8.10. Everything near enough works out of the box apart from wireless and the SD card. I had to install backport modules and modprobe the wireless driver and add a small script for the card readers. I tried updating the kernel to kernel 2.6.27-8 and installing the backport modules but no wireless so im currently running kernel 2.6.27-7. Which is fine.
I was running a asus 701 before this for a year so i have something good to compare it with. For one the screen is far clearer far better size for apps etc. The keyboard is well more useable i can acctually type fast on this keyboard the asus keyboard was just to small! The build is very robust and the size is very good. Now one big problem is the ram upgrade – i though id pop another gig in the laptop but you have to totally rip the machine to bits to install it!! Madness! They give me a slot for 3g which ill never use but i would have used it for memory upgrades… but as i always say you cant please everybody!
Ubuntu runs slick and the screen seems to accomadate most applications bit of a pain when setting up evolution as you have to use hot keys but apart from that its cool with apps and desktop usage. Now im sure the solid state disk just isnt as fast as the asus solid state – its very slick when using but when installing apps using apt it seems to slow down – like grind right down – after the apps installed its 100%
So so far so good – these are currently £179.99 in comet and currys – snap one one up they are a bargain.


mount a iso on linux

Have you just downloaded a program but dont want to burn it to a CD ?
Or need to mount it to add some files easy on a linux box!

get root in a terminal

mount -o loop -t iso9660 file.iso /mnt/test

So file is were the ISO is and the /mnt/test is were you want to mount it to!

In gnome try gISOmont (graphical and easy)


Live ubuntu Install USB

Well my new 16gig usb stick arrived today which ill be using for computer repairs, holing all my apps just to install and set-up machines fast!
I also decided to make it a bootable ubuntu installer which is pretty handy for installing the asus eeepc or asus one.
I first partitioned the drive so i had one gig for the ISO and a bit of space incase i need to add some files to the install set-up. And made a 15 gig partition vfat for all the windows apps (if only they had apt!! ha ha lame)
I first tried the create usb start up disk in system -> administration which ran through the process and set-up easy, popped it in the asus and it didn’t boot! So did a google search and found a program called live-usb nice and easy again to use! but failed to boot!
So i looked again and found a program called UNetbootin this is a far better bit of kit has many options and isn’t just a live usb ubuntu creator, you can make a live linux usb key with various distros.
Easy to use followed it through booted of the key in the asus – perfect loads fast installed compled great!!

Try it here http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/


gnome + google + google phone = productive and happy!!!…

Well im all settled in using ubuntu – and gnome! – I havent used gnome for over 7 years or so now, im very happy with it ive not its a lot slicker than kde 4!! I have the latest version of evolution which allows me to connect my – mail / calendar & emails on google, so ive changed mail hosting for free to google moved MX records and setup shared calendar and contacts etc so i have have a full sync between my google phone and evolution works perfectly! and without having to host my own kolab server!! google allows upto 200 users aswell and paid accounts can be setup for corporates!

As for gnome its come on leaps and bounds for me being a KDE lover !
its well intergrated plenty of good apps and so much slicker its pretty much like kde 3.5.9 compared to kde 4 (a world of difference!)
Im finding it very productive for business and the uptime has been great so far… on the asus I had some problems as i used the kernel from array.org which is designed for the extra hot keys and other little things for the asus to function but i had problems with audio skipping which is pretty bad as i use the laptop for my act for backing tracks so when its skipped it was a little embarassing so i upgraded to the lastest ubuntu kernel last night and backported the wifi driver and its all fine now in fact it more responsive and my wifi strength has doubled??!! Ive just today added the getdeb repository and got the latest versions of ardour pidgin / wine and some other quality apps plus it installs the deb for google gadgets!

So happy days computer wise!!

On android …
Quality phone ive now got a blog manager – facebook – wifi radar – picasa photo that connects to my online photo storage! terminal with full root ssh client and server! irc / msn and full mail contact calendar sync with google and evolution that just runs in the background with out any complication! Ive also sussed how to copy and paste which we couldnt do on the on the iphone!?

So yes gnome + google + google phone = productive and happy!!!…


Ubuntu Intrepid

Well ive done some serious testing over the past few days!
Kubuntu – debian – ubuntu – gos!!
Hell well im glad to say ive settled with ubuntu!
Yup ive been using kde for years now but im back on gnome!!!!!
Its some much more responsive
And you can pug evolution right into your google account!!!

Awsome well happy!
Well at least for now………