Blogging software for KDE

If your blogging on kde there are various blogging clients around.
I have a wordpress blog which is pretty standard like..
Any way on kde 3.5.x we have blokkal and kblogger.

Blokkal isnt in the repositories so you have to download the deb file and install. Now its a quite nice program to use very polished off with some nice features, you get a shortcut in the program menu to launch it. I found it didnt correctly put the date in so I would end up with the blog i wrote being at the end of my blog because the date would have the year of 1999 etc!
Has some nice features for bold text and links and adding images very much like using open office writer.

Kblogger again isnt in the repositories so get the deb file and install. Now this program does’nt put a icon in the program menu it adds it as a kicker applet which is handy! Very light weight great for a fast blogging and the date is correct. Very light on features but i like fast style blogging without all the bells and whistles!

KDE 4 – Blogging on kde

Everything changes here. Now we have still got kblogger which now displays its icon in the program menu and gains a few more features but fails to work on intrepid at all, blokkal only has source code available which i tried to compile but fails badly even with all the dev libraries required.
Last but not least – now this was one of the reasons for me switching to kde 4
Kontact journal – yes you can now blog to your wordpress and other types of blogs while in kontact! I use kontact to run my business so use it all day every day so being able to blog direct from kontact is great for me! So for one its already installed with a standard install and another you dont have to use other software its all in one place! easy to setup – I right clicked on calendar and selected add journal on blog entered my blog url and username and password and selected auto detect. It setup all the settings for me and just works fine! The only problem I have is when i write a blog it automatically posts the blog and come back with a invalid blog ID error? i just click OK and it goes and it still posts the blog!
So for me its currently journal in kontact! its early days and all the bugs will get squished hopefully.
The only other answer is do it through a web browswer like its designed too but that would be to easy maybe ? 🙂


KDE 4 firefox memory leak

Im running KDE 4.1.2 and firefox 3.0.3
Im using the asus 701 with 512meg ram and it has 900mhz processor
Now it all seemed fine till i had a few tabs open in firefox it would grind and start disk reading like memory leak…
I tried konqueror but that is just crashing which is a pain
Anyway i have done ctl+esc and right clicked on firefox and reniced the application i notched it down a tad it seems to be fine…
Could be a indication that i may need to upgrade my 512 ram to 1 gig ram?

If this carries on ive read on forums to try turning of desktop effects…
Which is a pain as im using the mosiac feature in kde4 which comes with the desktop effects enabled only 🙁


Kde 4 usefull apt repo’s

Im just getting all the apps required for intrepid here is my extra apt repositories so far..
##amarok 2 beta
deb intrepid main
## flash and w32codecs
deb intrepid free non-free
##smb4k for kde
deb intrepid main

apt-get install smb4k smbfs (for smb4k)
apt-get install amarok-kde4 (for amarok 2)
apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree (for flash plugin)

now the next reposoitory is to get the latest kernel for kubuntu 8.10 on the asus
deb intrepid eee


apt-get install linux-image-eeepc
apt-get install linux-eeepc-lean (for the new lean cut down kernel)
this will install all required packages with all fixes for the new asus 701SD

Im looking at the k3b kde 4 for version setup now…..


a mad weekend of linux installs!

Ive just had a crazy weekend installing various flavours of linux and various machines and platforms!
I started testing kubuntu 8.4 on i386 and started adding kde 4 which didnt go to bad bt then realised was available! with kde 4 added like a remix version! That seemed better but then fell across the kubuntu 8.10! hell now this is the latest beta bleeding edge version which has nearly got all the apps moved in to kde 4. I noticed amarok still comes in the kde 3.5.x style and k3b does to, you can add te test amarok version to get the kde 4 versin of amarok (dont know why they never did this anyway!?) aldo a package is available for the kde 4 version of smb4k but if you use that make sure you install smbfs package or it will moan at you!
Well anyway with 8.10 you get adept 3.0 which is the kde 4 version and a new icon for plasma dashboard! And you get this new home folder browser icon which is cool. All the kontact apps are kde 4 which is good and saves you ugrading etc etc.
Im just testing the 64 bit version with real time I see there isnt a RT kernel so i may have to use a older kernel which i cant see being a problem we will see…
But it works very well on the asus 701 with the latest kernel from
The new kernel i went for is the eeepc lean kernel.. yep they ripped all the crap out of the kernel thats unrequired like nvidia drivers and macintosh support to make it faster at loading and running etc!.. Seems cool all the hotkeyss work and wireless is great! I also gained suspend to ram and suspend to memory support! Overall on the laptop 9/10 as i got a few minor bugs which i can live with …
Ill test the 64 bit version today as the install has just spat the cd ot and is for the reboot into 64 bit linux mmmm….


Ebay postage rules

I think ebay should put some rules in regarding postage, you get these greedy bastards who put items on cheap and load up the postage. I ordered a GTA stratergey guide for my lad of ebay of my_little_alice now the book was a quid so i thought what he hell i noticed the P&P was four quid which i thought was a tad dear and was obvoius the had loaded it up a bit. Anyway i paid straight away and the book arrived two days after in a ripped grey piece of paper! it was fit enough to trace through! So i followed the ebay recommendations and gave accurate feedback – now the silly cow who has the account pressumed i was new to ebay ! but this was just a fresh account i had setup – I ve had accounts for years ive sent £8000 pound guitars world wide the blooody nougat! Now when i send a package i charge the correct price and and use proper packaging. Now i would have sent this book for £1.50 – £2.00 max and it would have been in a decent envelope or bubble rap envelope. Any way the silly cow sent me a abbusive message becase she has over a thousand decent feedbacks and im so new to ebay and i dont have a clue!! nougat! Anyway i told her to stop send me shitty messages and that i had took pictures of here crappy packaging and would show these to ebay if she wanted ?! guess what she didnt reply. Why cant people just take shit on the nose highly strung little cow!!!!
I think they should put a fare P&P policy in place to stop people like this taking the piss and stop the rip off greedy ebayers!


Asus 701SD wireless problems

If your having problems getting the wireless workimg on your new 701SD
With ubuntu / kubuntu on either intrepid or hardy this is the solution!
Trust me it took me a day to figure this out!
First get a console and add this to your /etc/apt/sources.list (as root)
deb hardy-proposed eeepc
save and do apt-get update
now you need to get the kernel & modules
apt-get install linux-eeepc
now reboot and press escape on the grub boot menu
and select the new eeepc kernel – make sure your user is in the group netdev in /etc/groups
You should now have wireless!! it worked for me I tried a earlier and a newer kernel for intrepid but none of them worked apart from the 2.6.24-22 version.
You get more options for cpu power scaling with 2.6.24-27 but thats pretty much it! I tried all the mad wifi tricks and ndiswrapper but none of them worked – the mad wifi just didnt compile and the ndiswrapper worked as far as seeing the wlan card and access point but wouldnt connect even without wep enabled on the AP. is worth a look 🙂


Linked in

Just setting up a linked in account! check it out.. Found a post on richard farmer who i used to work with – he get high praises but I managed him and he is just dim – he aint got a clue – he just blags his way through IT like most other people who dont have passion to learn properly!!! Check out my profile get linked in!!


Xandros on the asus

I had my first look at xandros on the asus the other day and was basically shocked by how crap it comes out of the box! I remember getting my first asus switching it on looking at xandros and then connecting a USB cd rom and installing kubuntu 2 minutes after!
Well i was looking at adding some extra software one being software to connect to the msn messenger service – So i tried pidgin which was like so old and dated – so I added some repositories and added amsn which was like last years version! i tried to add kopete but it wanted to update all the base system files to debian and update all the kdebase etc so i sacked that off!
I looked around xandros and its just dated – is this there idea of stable? hell how can they mass produce this and give this rubbish to the public? The asus is the best laptop ive seen in years hardware wise its perfect!! but they install a operating system on it that is dated and horrible to look at! My daughters boyfriend wanted to know why he couldnt see the other persons display picture in messenger and why it basically was crap!! Ive since then set it up with kubuntu intrepid and kde4 – now it fits in to todays requirements!

Modern looking login screen & desktop operating system
Desktop widgets (no has mac os widgets)
Camera capture (with cheese)
Kopete (IM)
Amarok (audio with xine plugins for mp3)
Firefox (web browser with flash)
Kxmame (games)
Kmldonkey (download program)
Smplayer (video player)

Loads of other decent software included I noticed adept 3 is wicked and knetwokmanager functions 100%
If asus loaded the laptops up with better modern version of linux maybe people wouldnt install XP on them ???