Sync your ipon nano with amarok on debian


Get a root console
su – and root password
Type apt-get install amarok libgpod3-nogtk
This will install amarok and the libgpod packages
Plug in your ipod and mount it
In a console type
sudo lsusb -v | grep -i Serial
now usually on the top line you get a number that starts with 000
now write down that number or copy it and change directory your ipod mine is
inside there change directory to
inside there you need to edit Sysinfo
so nano Sysinfo
and enter the lines
FirewireGuid: 0Γ—000A27011302111E
But change the part that starts with 000 to your id that you got from the terminal
Thats it you can read and write to the ipod now!!
To get it to sync with amarok
Go into settings configure amarok go to devices and you will see your ipod listed
Change the pull down box to ipod and apply and your ready to go!!!
Pick the album you want in amarok to transfer to the ipod
Right click and send to device – now click the transfer button
And watch the tune fly across!!!
Now eject your ipod (make sure you have closed the terminal!)
And enjoy your music!!


The britannia pub gig


Just posted pictures in my gallery of last nights gig!
Not a bad gig for a thursday night – Not a bad turn out

The big problem is that its got a music level meter which we chopped a few times!!!!

Tried out my dads american strat good variations of sounds but the telexaster cuts through better!

Anyway cheers to everyone that came and see you all soon!!


Good pint in the brit and free wifi access!! cooooool


Network manager on debian or ubuntu

Network manager is a package built for looking after your network connections
You have a service working in the background and kde / gnome gui’s which help you connect.
Here is a quick howto which will work on ubuntu and debian

First get root on a console – IE sudo or su – and enter your root password
for kde
apt-get install network-manager-kde network-manager
for gnome
apt-get install network-manager-gnome network-manager

then you have to edit two files – whle i in a prompt i use nano if you havent got nano then
apt-get install nano
so we type:
nano /etc/network/interfaces
and remove all lines or comment out using a # in front of all lines apart from

# The loopback network interface
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

then press ctrl and x to save type y and enter to save
now type:
nano /etc/group
and add your login name to netdev IE:
then press ctrl and x to save type y and enter to save
then type reboot and enter
Now reboot and logon on kde you will see near your clock on the kicker a network socket with cross through it. Right click on it and select your access point – enter your wep key and security type and hit connect! kwallet will remember your key for all access points you connect to and automaticaly connect you the next time it can to that access point!

nicely πŸ™‚


Lancaster lug meeting

Well what a great turn out for the lancaster lug!

I got to the brit at 7.30 and thought oh no!! Please turn up! anyway i just ordered a pint and in walks ken with his hands full laptop and the demonstration kit! yes the first night we get a demonstration and a very intresting demonstration! We talked for a while about distros and other linux related topics and it wasn’t long before we before we was joined by dave paul and mark! We had our introductions and it seemed obvious we had a mixed bunch of linux users here which is great! dave sporting the lancaster lug tshirt!!
We were deep in conversation about linux of course! when a guy randomly asked is this a linux user group!?! We said yes!! he said great and introduced hiself and said he would like to attend the next meeting on the first wednesday of next month cooool!
Any way we discused different distros – ubuntu – debian -novell – redhat – mandriva and get this unix and open vms!!
We talked desktops kde gnome and i gave a brief on kolab server which is something i will be demonstrating over the net few weeks..
Then ken give us a quick demonstration on kstars and a modified webcam for Astrophotography and a pic programmer which operates two motors Very good demonstration which i didnt expect on the first night!
we also discussed laptops I showed of my asus Eee pc running debian which was a eye opener! and we looked at the other laptops which were both IBMs running ubuntu.

Anyway this was a great meeting and we will be at the brit next month on the first wednesday.
Im very happy with the turn out the conversation and we all bonded great!!

Ive also added another blog to my blogs for ken to install network manager for kde to help his connection to wireless networks without hassle

Wayne πŸ™‚

ps kens site for information on astrophotography and some other items is


Sync palm treo 650 with kpilot on debian – The easy way!


If you have a plam treo 650 and are using kontact then you can sync these together nicely with kpilot – i use this daily and it will sync contacts – calendar & notes with no messing!
Here we go …. as root or sudo user
apt-get install kontact kdepim kpilot (incase you dont have kontact installed)
modprobe visor
now sometimes it doesnt make the the devices properly so do this it works!
mknod /dev/ttyUSB0 c 188 0
mknod /dev/ttyUSB1 c 188 0
mknod /dev/pilot c 188 0
chmod 666 /dev/pilot
Connect the treo n the usb port and open kpilot – now tell kpilot its /dev/pilot dont use auto detect it can mess up on 2.6 kernels! trust me it threw me! put a name into the username what ever you choose as it will write this to the treo on the 1st sync πŸ™‚ follow the wizard to the end and hit the sync button on your treo and kpilot will ask if you want to write the username you entered hit yes and watch it sync away!!!! now open kontact and check out your phone book and calendar…
It should have synced if not try typing dmesg to see if it saw your phone being plugged into the usb port. This has worked for me on numerous machines.
Happy syncing πŸ˜‰


Telecaster pickup modifications

128I own a thinline squier telecaster – The protone version – Pics are available in my photos like.
Well i had been gigging it for around 6 months and realised its always on the bridge pickup as it sounds crap on the top pickup – So i basically did what they did in the sixties and seventies took out the neck pickup and ripped the chrome cover off and removed the wax on top of the pickup. I put the pickup in and took half an hour adjusting it to mix in with the bridge pickup before putting the scratch plate back on! Anyway it sounds wicked now ….
But im still not happy with the neck pick up so i did some poking around and the answer is some seymour duncans or the best option sounds like some genuine fender texas special telecaster pickups which ive researched and they sound the plums! You can pick a new set up on ebay for around Β£100 which aint bad.
But don’t stop there! do a search on ebay for telecaster 4 way
And you will see some kits which you can get from the states which adds a extra notch on your standard pickup selector to add another noise to your collection!!and it also has a extra capacitor which stops treble loss when you turn volume down which is a big problem with single coil pickups!
If your feeling brave you could install a 5 way switch which you can also buy from ebay for around a Β£10!! here is a diagram which looks easy – im going for this option with the texas special pickups !! Ill let you know how it goes… now were is the soldering iron!! 😐
5 tone tele link


Pictures of man with porn tash

Seeing im number one hit in
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Make sure you check in

in respect of

Rocco Silffredi


Blogging in kde


Ive been blogging for a while now and ive been using kde for a lot longer!
Now sometimes i dont want to open my browser log in and all that messing just to blog so if you use kde take a look at these two bit of software
This comes in two flavours one for kde 3.5.9 users like me and on the edge kde 4 users! its quite a nice little interface and has scheduling options etc and it plugins in and stays active in the taskbar! V HANDY!
My main choice is kblogger not because its better but when you install the deb you right click on your kicker and add as an applet! then just put in your username etc!!
I know there is a deb for kde 3.5.9 version for the newer version i think you have to compile from source which aint that hard!
just – ./configure – make & make install (make sure you have build-essentials installed!!)
anyway check it out here
If your using wordpress use metaweblogapi
and your server link would be

Blog away sharing information helps!!! πŸ™‚


Ktorrent on lenny / sid

If you are running kde 3.5.9 on top of debian lenny sid you may have noticed all your proggies will be in kde 3.5.9 style and your ktorrent is kde 4 style!!! Well i jut thought apt-get -t stable ktorrent
would have got me the right version down to match kde 3.5.9
Nope its apt-get install ktorrent-2.2
Im not digging kde4 at all sometimes bells and whistles aint were its at!!


Guitar price increase

As you see the alembics up 4 sale!!
I thought id buy a new jaydee bass and with the change a used 1973 fender stratocaster
Now a couple of years ago a new jaydee bass would have been say Β£1800 and fender stratocaster 1970’s job about Β£600
Well ive been on the blower 2day to jaydee
A new series one jaydee with inlays Β£2250
A new reissue 70’s strat is Β£1300 or Β£1300 for a vintage used 70’s strat!!
So ive decided ill buy a used 80’s jaydee and a used 70’s strat
Which should = Β£2300
Nice exchange for mark king signature alembic!! or is it 😐