Debian flash plugin non free :-)

Tried flash plugin on the eee laptop today now i always thought the flashplugin-nonfree was in the repositories well it aint anymore!!
so get a terminal and get root! su–
nano /etc/apt/sources.list and add
deb sid main non-free contrib (ctrl + x to save)
apt-get update
apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree
now go to iceweasel and try a page with flash content IE youtube!!
If you use konqueror then you need to go to settings configure konqueror and then plugins and scan for new plugins and then apply the settings for it to see the flash plugin.
Enjoy! πŸ™‚


kxmame on debian

Im afraid kxmame isn’t available in the standard debian repositories cant understand why?
What happens if you want a quick game of gauntlet or pacman!!!!
any get a terminal and su– to root
nano /etc/apt/sources.list
and add this line
deb unstable main (ctrl + x to save)
now do apt-get update
and install kxmame with sdl to make it render better and faster!
apt-get install kxmame xmame-sdl and press enter
Hey presto in your games menu on kde you will find kxmame


Squier strat standard tuning problem


Well a week into owning a strat affinity yes ive have the tuning problems!!
I could hear the ping in the nut which means the string isnt moving properly in the nut! So i rang promenade music and they said fetch it in – they had a little go at filing the placky holes down a bit and put some nut sauce in!! yes nut sauce is for tight nuts!!! ha
Anyway it didnt work – So i looked on the internet to see what strings it came with stock and it comes out of the factory with .9 gauge strings on. Luckily enough i found a brand new set of strings in my box of musical goodies! .9’s!! Bashed them on and give them a stretch and hey presto its been in tune for two days and its had some serious hendrix style abuse!
I must admit these are a bit thin sounding ill try some .10 gauge as im hoping they were .11’s i took off which were to fat for the nut which was causing the slipping and gripping.
If you still have tuning problems after trying the factory gauge take the plastic back cover off and tighten the screws right in which will pull your wangy bar right into the body – you may have to adjust your action after this like but its works!!
Two other things that may help a pre slotted graptech nut and some locking tuners set you back about fifty quid but if you got one of the good one like me and not a lemon its probably worth the fifty quid!! Either that and get a mexican?? I picked one up the other day and it was a sack of shit!! the squier felt better!! honestly!!!


Stratocaster affinity squier


I tried a stratocaster affinity in promenade music and was amazed with "the real" strat sound
Its badged squier and its made by fender – lets says its the bottom line
I can actually say it sounds better than an american one I tried last week!!!!!
I have one problem with tuning going out a little bit so i called gary at promenade music
And he suggested we try a product called nut sauce! so we are going to file down the notches in the nut and then apply nut sauce!!!!
Lovely build though large 70’s style headstock – one ply scratch plate – the alder body is finished in a lovely sunburst. I have had it fairly cranked up and not had much noise from the single coil pickups. No noise from the pots or 5 way switch. One thing i did notice is there is no tone control on the bridge pickup?? What the hell for around the Β£200 quid mark they are a very good buy!!
All i can say is try a few don’t buy a lemon!! Its like a USA stratocaster try it before you buy it – try acoustically and also through a similiar amp to what you use.
Ive been using a telecaster pro tone squier for months now and had no bother and it sounds wicked so thought sod it get a stratocaster squier to match!!


64studio with kde desktop – backports

Ive been running 64studio for a while now it has realtime kernel and is loaded with programs required for audio / video
Its based on etch stable and comes with gnome desktop which is great if you use gnome!
Also because its stable you do get a slightly older version which is basically rock solid!
Now i use kde so you would pull it with apt IE apt-get install kdebase
This would give you kdebase 3.5.5 which is quite old but solid but i need a newer version which has some wizards and other items in kontact
So we use backports – its quite easy actually – get a terminal and su – to root
nano /etc/apt/sources.list
add the line
#etch backports
deb etch-backports main contrib non-free
ctrl and x to save then
apt-get update
then get what you want from backports like this
apt-get -t etch-backports install packagename!!
I ran apt-get -t etch-backports install kdebase and i got kde 3.5.7-4~bpo40+1


64studio no hardisk controller

If you are trying to install 64studio but it wont see your disk controllers try this:
boot from the cd and when it comes to the screen that says debian and its says boot type
linux generic.all_generic_ide=1 press enter
and this will install the standard controller drivers then the distro will see your hardisk
Works on mine and I have a new via chipset

Failing that i seen on sidux someone is compiling there own realtime kernel that you can pull with apt!

Wayne πŸ™‚


Network manager on debian and ubuntu

Network manager is a package built for looking after your network connections
You have a service working in the background and kde / gnome gui’s which help you connect.
Here is a quick howto which will work on ubuntu and debian

First get root on a console – IE sudo or su – and enter your root password
for kde
apt-get install network-manager-kde network-manager
for gnome
apt-get install network-manager-gnome network-manager

then you have to edit two files – while i in a prompt i use nano if you have’nt got nano then
apt-get install nano
so we type:
nano /etc/network/interfaces
and remove all lines or comment out using a # in front of all lines apart from

# The loopback network interface
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

then press ctrl and x to save type y and enter to save
now type:
nano /etc/group
and add your login name to netdev IE:
then press ctrl and x to save type y and enter to save
then type reboot and enter
Now reboot and logon on kde you will see near your clock on the kicker a network socket with cross through it. Right click on it and select your access point – enter your wep key and security type and hit connect! kwallet will remember your key for all access points you connect to and automatically connect you the next time it can to that access point!

nicely πŸ™‚


Lancaster lug meeeting

Well what a great turn out for the lancaster lug!

I got to the brit at 7.30 and thought oh no!! Please turn up! anyway i just ordered a pint and in walks ken with his hands full laptop and the demonstration kit! yes the first night we get a demonstration and a very intersting demonstration! We talked for a while about distros and other linux related topics and it wasn’t long before we before we was joined by dave paul and mark! We had our introductions and it seemed obvious we had a mixed bunch of linux users here which is great! dave sporting the lancaster lug tshirt!!
We were deep in conversation about linux of course! when a guy randomly asked is this a linux user group!?! We said yes!! he said great and introduced hiself and said he would like to attend the next meeting on the first wednesday of next month cooool!
Any way we discused different distros – ubuntu – debian -novell – redhat – mandiva and get this unix and open vms!!
We talked desktops kde gnome and i gave a brief on kolab server which is something i will be demonstrating over the net few weeks..
Then ken give us a quick demonstration on kstars and a modified webcam for Astrophotography and a pic programmer which operates two motors Very good demonstration which i didnt expect on the first night!
we also discussed laptops I showed of my asus Eee pc running debian which was a eye opener! and we looked at the other laptops which were both IBMs running ubuntu.

Anyway this was a great meeting and we will be at the brit next month on the first wednesday.
Im very happy with the turn out the conversation and we all bonded great!!

Ive also added another blog to my blogs for ken to install networkwork manager for kde to help his connection to wireless networks without hassle

Wayne πŸ™‚

ps kens site for information on astrophotography and some other items is

My blog is