not feeling too well … :(

feeling a tad ill today bit odd im usually pretty cool ๐Ÿ™‚
but i got up and got fired just try and keep things moving
just finished a site and start a new one in the morning ๐Ÿ™‚
thinkin of goin to see my bezzi m8 2morro and get away from here for a hour or so!
just so damn busy to find time to do anything nowadays.
Relly got to be careful who i write to now and talk to as i can see people still want trouble with me which is damn shame cause i just forgot all about it and them – but hey ho im all good and all is fine i have no issues. watched some bloody good films tonight – taken was great watch it gripping right till the end and the usual happy ending…
although i have to say eden lake was bloody disturbing and quiet a horrible ending !! left me with no nails!! go on watch it…. i have to say bloody gripping.
Getting great compliments for the work for lancaster computers and jake is doing very well ive promised to take him to see muse in manchester if he keeps om learning – very very proud.
On the music side im now just looking for two members for the band – i need a vocalist and a keyboard player if possible … if you can do any of these please feel free to drop me a email on with your current and previous bands and experince etc…
Yes my new project will be unleashed soon i just have to be patiente and find the best guys for the job…………..

keep tuned fans i know you love me – you really do
or your a little gimp!… ha


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