ubuntu touch hotspot

here is a quick demo of how to set your ubuntu touch device up to use tethering on vivid. screenshot20150727_133017414

once you have run the following commands and rebooted you will find hotspot in your settings- mobile section.

as root, so use sudo -s

1) add-apt-repository ppa:ci-train-ppa-service/landing-046

2) vi /etc/apt/preferences.d/silo.pref

Package: *
Pin: release o=LP-PPA-ci-train-ppa-service-landing-046
Pin-Priority: 1002

3) apt-get update

4) apt-get install indicator-network qml-module-ubuntu-connectivity 
libconnectivity-qt1 ubuntu-system-settings libsystemsettings1

at this moment, this installs:

indicator-network                       0.5.2+15.04.20150722-0ubuntu1
qml-module-ubuntu-connectivity:armhf    0.5.2+15.04.20150722-0ubuntu1
libconnectivity-qt1:armhf               0.5.2+15.04.20150722-0ubuntu1
ubuntu-system-settings                  0.3+15.04.20150723-0ubuntu1
libsystemsettings1:armhf                0.3+15.04.20150723-0ubuntu1

5) reboot 

After that, the menu shows up.