Location tracking on ubuntu computers and phones

Location tracking on computers, laptops and phones is something
hard to find, i seen prey which looks good but only has a i386 package? were i have a 64 bit system on my computers and armfh on my ubuntu phone so no coverage here! so i stumbled across location magic –>> https://locationmagic.org/


now this will install straight on your ubuntu computer but on the ubuntu phone or tablet you will need RW enabled as you will need to to a apt-get install curl. So as long as you are in RW mode you can track your ubuntu phone tablet device.

One thing to do before starting is to do a sudo -s which will switch you to a root user then do a crontab -e and use nano – make a small change like a space or something then ctrl and x to save, this will give you a crontab for root otherwise the whole thing doesnt work.

Then to the location magic site click get started – put in your email address and device name and select generate token, then move down and select linux and select copy to clipboard, then move to the device IE the laptop or phone and copy and paste the line from the clipboard as the user root and thats it!

Now this will update every hour by cron – i need to test on the phone if it does this or i will just add the cron job as a dbus cron job as normal crons  dont work usually when screen is closed etc…

its not to hard to set up the dbus cron which is available on my blog but ill test that and update this in due course, also the cron can be changed to every 15 minutes if thats better tracking but not sure on the consumption on the battery thats another thing ill be testing 🙂

Enjoy tracking your devices, very handy if they get stolen or you dont trust your wife!!



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