a month into ubuntu touch

its been a month now since i switched to ubuntu touch for my mobile devices and its great to see my favourite platform not just on my desktops, laptops and servers but also on the mobile devices. I started with a install on my nexus 5 which has been great, bit of a battery sucker but useable. I also then got the setup working on the nexus 7 which is great.  I found the 7 buggier and more prone for lock ups but seems to have settled down now i have the latest image on it same as for the 5, that settled after the first OTA update. I liked it so much i ordered the official ubuntu nexus phone from the flash sale and the fancy case to match it. Ok it took nearly a month to come but the price was amazing for the hardware i got and have to say the operating system is perfect on this phone. Its a BQ Aquarius e45. Dual sim which i have a english and spanish sim running and ive also put in a 32 micro sd card which it formatted but havent worked out what that does yet!…. im sure its for dual booting to android or other operating systems which will be handy… the screen is great and the speakers are very loud as well is the ear piece, infact all better than the nexus 5! here is some pictures of it and then ill fill you in with the pros and the cons ..

 the best apps ive found and that are actively being worked on is reminder which is evernote client, telegram which is a messaging client which works on all devices including my laptop so a great replacement for hangouts and last but not least still deep in beta but dekko email client does what it says on the tin! i got a couple of interesting games on the real phone which show how good the games can be and i have full sync with google calendars and contacts and access to facebook and twitter linked in etc! i dont get notifications yet for facebook which isnt a bad thing but i do for twitter… linked in and quadrum(four square client) work great as well. The upside of course is the simplicity to write your own apps which i have and of course scopes! scopes are a amazing concept, the middle bottom pictures illustrates a today scope.. which there are more for music and other media and news.. plus the top middle one shows me sporting two mobile networks something ive wanted for a while. The down points -bluetooth is a bit buggy. no vpn connections. no wireless hot spot., no file syncing IE google , drop box or own cloud although there are stand alone clients and syncing can be done if you make the device RW which stops any OTA updates though 🙁 im missing apps like kvm manager and apps that will scan the network when im working on computer networks, i really like instagram. Yes its early days and all this to come, but im happy to be in at the beginning and watch this grow.


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