Eltax Atomic A-6.2 Powered Subwoofer

recently needed another sub for my smaller 5. 1 rig up, i had a poke around ebay for a sb woofer that was close, now preston come up with a eltax sub for cheap and i outbid somebody at £25! now ive looked they go from 20 – 50 quid for this model. Now don’t be of put eltax subby the 60watt out put and the small cabinet. This has a phase frequency sweep control and plenty of ooompphff! i have one single output to this small unit and tucked it away neatly in a corner. The sound frequency blends so well into the rest of the system not making the sub evident and directional. If your looking for a cost effective sub for a secondary movie room etc.. give one of these a go you wasnt be disappointed, i wasnt i was shocked!!