acer c270 wont switch on black screen

for some reason i left the chrome book for ages and when i switched it on it tried to see what version i was running and it powered of while trying to do it, after that i got nothing just a black screen this fixes it… tried removing the battery and did nothing

To trigger recovery mode,

  1. Turn on your ChromeBook
  2. Sign on to your WiFi (if you have not previously signed in)- but do not log in to Chrome Desktop
  3. Press the <esc> <F3> & <power> buttons at the same time.
  4. Release the power button when the device goes black – but continue to hold the other buttons until the chrome error screen (“Chrome OS is missing or damaged”) appears and then release them also. This is the “Recovery Mode” screen. 
  5. download this
  6. sudo chmod 755
  7. sudo bash
  8. follow the prompts enter the model in capitals as seen on the screen
  9. select sd card (wipes data)
  10. insert card into chromebook and reinstall