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Bad business

I had a call today of one of my mates he said a local internet company called him and said they had looked at his website and it looked quite poor and asked if he would like a better site – they asked if lancaster computers had done it and said they could do better!
So i called up to see what it was going to cost…..
£80 a year for hosting – expensive
£800 for website and design – rip off
£300 for optimisation!!
I looked at the optimisation on there site which was a complete joke infact i had laughed all the way through a cup of tea!! Before slating others they need to take a look at there own services. Like i say you cant get the staff!! The lass who i talked to presumably reception sounded common as muck – good look to another dead end rip off website company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also i have to add the website they slated cost my mate nothing and the hosting cost £40 a year! and the keywords in his site blow this companies keywords out of the window!!! what a joke!
For £800 you get a free gold rolex watch from me!! bloody joke


I thought id go back and look at the site coding what a joke loads of hiddedn text in the site spmmed to hell..

Here’s what Google has to say in their Spam Report about the use of hidden text:

“Trying to deceive (spam) our web crawler by means of hidden text, deceptive cloaking or doorway pages compromises the quality of our results and degrades the search experience for everyone. We think that’s a bad thing.”