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Ubuntu M10 Printer Setup

Looking at getting your Ubuntu M10 Printer Setup?

well before i start then i have to warn you that to do so you have to make your device RW now i wont tell you how to do that as if you dont then im sure you wont be able to do the rest !

Now there is printing support on the way ive been told and also its working for me but not fully, i have installed a sharp printer which can use generic driver and printed perfect but with the brother mfc7400n this requires a cupswrapper which is only available for 32/64 bit systems and the ubuntu tablet is arm, although ive taken a look at the source code which brother supply will look at rolling some debs for my tablet.

So once you have made the tablet RW you open the terminal and use the command sudo apt-get install cupsd      this installs the main cups server in the tablet and should automatically start the service if it doesnt then sudo service cupsd start  this should get the service up  and running. The next part i installed the gnome print manager in a libertine container as there is no front end yet for printers on UT, so i run this command: libertine-container-manager install-package -i vivid -p system-config-printer-gnome
now this is only assuming you have setup a extra container called vivid if the container is called something else just change the word vivid in the command to your container, if you havent setup a container then do this:

cd ~/.local/share/libertine
rm ContainersConfig.json
cp /custom/click/.click/users/@all/com.ubuntu.puritine/libertine-config/libertine/ContainersConfig.json .
libertine-container-manager create -i vivid -n “vivid” -t chroot -d vivid –force

once you have the cups server and the client in the libertine container setup you should see thisubuntu m10 cups

I then went to add printer and selected network printer were it search and found the sharp printer and selected generic driver and printer a test page !!

Im looking at these next:

  • DVD Writing support
  • MAME Game Emulator

all systems go, vivid vervet

tile11-350x200I managed to get all systems hooked into vivid vervet yesterday, id potentially held the upgrade due to intel drivers on my xps sputnik and brand new shining intel nuc i3. The intel graphics driver that gives the acceleration for games, steam etc is required on a stock ubuntu install and is currently only supported on 14.10 by intel. But like all good hackers i deceided to take the plunge and go through out seeing the team at canonical just dished me vivid for my BQ4.5. The nuc was playing up a tad and this is my main CCTV system for the house and unfortunately at this precise moment in time with my harassing weird neighbours i need to have my car / house and all angles covered! i use zoneminder in a full  time recording no motion just full so i dont miss a thing, i have this serving 5 cameras and throwing alerts and remote viewing to my mobile which i watch full time when on high alert! any way i wanted it on on vivid with the intel drivers and this fix does it nicely ..

run this

sudo nano /etc/lsb-release

and add this DISTRIB_RELEASE=14.10

for now just put a hash in front of the other lines.

then download this ( i have ubuntu vivid 64 bit so downloaded 14.10 64 bit from here -> https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads

then you will need this libopenvg1-mesa as the installer doesnt know were to pull this from i just got it  from here -> http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/m/mesa/libopenvg1-mesa-dbg_8.0.2-0ubuntu3_amd64.deb

install the libopenvg1 then install the intel deb then i went to my programs and started the intel installer – this should run all the way through and then reboot and you got the updated graphic drivers!