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unity 8, convergence and things to come..

Ive been following unity 8 for a while but now i can say its nearly ready…

i would blog more but i think micheal hall got it all covered here!


im just looking into not using libertine and just running apps like so from a terminal

  • ubuntu-app-launch firefox

I found it quite fast, quite solid and just a tad rough round the edges, bit cant see no reason why unity 8 wont be available soon on the desktop. I find this great bearing in mind ive been using the phone for around 2 years and now the tablet, I can use the same OS im familiar with on my laptop as well! Check out a quick update video.


are you thinking convergence?

if your thinking of trying convergence using ubuntu touch and ubuntu unity 8 you will need two things


for the computer or laptop wily werewolf, this is well in testing!

this is convergence,


and ubuntu touch on you phone or tablet, if its supported! nexus 4/5 or seven and others are suported


dont forget this is early days, the phone / tablet stuff is pretty solid but the last piece of the jigsaw the desktop isnt going to be ready till at least the end of 2015 🙂

happy hacking