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some nice hidden apps for ubuntu touch..

i found a couple of interesting apps this week for ubuntu touch that have some quiet handy features, these apps are only available for download in the openstore. If you go here https://open.uappexplorer.com 

and download the click package and copy across to the device and run

pkcon install-local –allow-untrusted openstore.mzanetti_<version>_armhf.click

obviously on one line and changed the click package name you then get this screenshot20150722_182638845

now i installed ubuntu touch tweak tools which is quite handy to change your main app page top icons to what you want. The second one i tried was tweakgeek which lets you enable read / write image easily but best you can pick if your apps which that you want prevent suspending, for instance your terminal session still can run when you close the phone or switch app. Plus you can remove cache files from certain apps and allow adb connection when phone is locked.

i also has osmscout from the main store but installed the wifi scanner for something to play with!

Give them a go, why there not in the main store is beyond me!