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because of the decency and respect of john the landlord of the golden lion pub last night after the first spot he came over and asked us to turn down just a notch and because of having the same conversation with members of the band a few of the lads may not agree with me and the way I work this reminds me to write this blog before i forget.

we played the stonewell tavern about a month ago, personally i have been going in the pub for over 20 years and like a pint or a glass of wine in the pub on a thursday at the jazz session or over the weekend when they have various bands on. now I’m not saying our band isn’t loud but the lass behind the bar chirped up while were sound checking saying she was shutting the place down if we played that loud, i went out front and listened and it didn’t seem quite bad considering the place was empty and the volume would get absorbed when the people we had coming to see us came in. so we started our set after few songs the land lady started to shout across the room from behind the bar at me saying turn down which i said ok and went to tell the band and then some other random woman chirped up and interfered which made her start up again shouting at me while i was performing on the stage so i asked her to carry on with her job and i will sort the band then she got high rate and told me i was rude so by this point I’m boiling so i told her she was annoying me and was ready for packing down my equipment, I’ve never had this happen to me in over 20 years of playing and personally will not put up with it fair enough if other band members want to allow this happen to them thats there choice in this case I’m not putting up with she can screw herself she is a jumped up bad excuse for a landlady end of. So i gets of stage the lass behind the bar says you going to apologise were i replied I will if she does for being so unprofessional so then I said I’m sorry so she said she wasn’t so i retracted my apology and basically barred myself from the pub. She said all the band had apologised which was a lie as my honourable band member and cousin jimmy never and said she was out of order, so thanks for the loyalty i really appreciate the honour and decency for you to look at the situation properly. So apart from getting electric shocks from the dodgy wiring and the piano taking up half the stage I’m really pissed of about it because it aint a bad pub and i like gerry but i aint playing in the pub again till i either get an apology or the place gets a new landlord well land lady. Plenty more other band places in lancaster to play instead. I also consulted my farther and other decent musicians for there option and they say I’m correct so to the other people who may disagree with me man up get a set of balls and don’t be walked over by somebody who just manages a pub whoopee shit anybody can do it, i don’t care if she is apparently a nice person i think she is a disrespectful old boot and can go and suck egg wind – end off – check out my google review aswell I haven’t finished there trust me more to come don’t like it read this TUFF SHIT.

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