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Social networking – what actually happend?

What did actually happen to social networking? God only knows.

this was reminder to facebook this morning, i remember opeing up this account one day i got a email through saying this was the way to connect with pals! which hey it did that and have to say it was great for about 4 / 5 years until the younger ones started getting on, leaving there crappy bebo accounts to come to the big worls and cause trouble! Now not so long after that it started to shw when young adults start venting there anger off and causing more trouble which then spanned to adults im afraid. I personally  use this for business and its effective i also have a block list as long as your arm!! here is a small list or problems.

  • being stalked
  • abuse from people
  • abuse from family members
  • people trying to add me with fake accounts
  • people being negative
  • people think you are talking about them when your not
social networking

Even though of all the down points we tend to carry on using it, i do write what i like to be honest i dont care who thinks im writing about them or what i write, because i really dont care! i think to be honest if facebook used the same segregation than google plus it would be a safer place to setup camp as we could which groups of people we want to hit with our posts, if they dont do this then we are right in depths of hell and bother.

So whats the alternatives?


i like twitter i spend a lot of time on twitter connecting with like minded people, whether it be music, computers, linux, tv shows right up to my local boozer and TV shows i watch! Tweeting cuts down the bullshit we write and gets down to bits of information we share and reaches a big audience from personal to business – twitter is a must just dont get drawn into following a load of dribble you dont want coming up on your feed.

Google +

Well google plus is what facebook should set its system out like – i use it more for technology and communicating for people in the linux and ubuntu world if i owned a droid id guess id use it more.

Linked in

well its a handy resource for connecting in business and looking for employees, mew business and jobs and groups for information on jobs – but it lacks something – not sure what.


Im not sure what to say – seems like a nice place, i have a account but dont use it much, give it a go it might rock your boat.

All i can say is be-careful using the likes of facebook as there are some odd people out there, in the past few year ive had to block most of the people i know as i dont know who to trust. Rustling through my facebook to see who might be part of my stalking experience is my idea of fun. I have to say people who dont work should not be allowed access to facebook as these are the ones who have to much time on there hands to ruin every bodies lives.

ive even been told from people who live out of boil in the bags and chicken nuggets how to cook on facebook!



Twitter Dilemma…

bit of a dilemma, people cant re-tweet my tweets because my twitter is closed because of trouble makers and people who take what i write and make it in there little twisted heads its about them 🙁 i really want to open it but I’m worried about the trolls and trouble makers as they don’t have nothing much else to do ….

do i have freedom of speech or so i hide in the protected twitter zone protected from the riff and the raff……..

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google plus test run

just testing out the new google + social networking site…

Google Plus

its early days and can see it being good competition for Facebook as a lot of people like me are sick of Facebook and the shite that comes along with it!

what i liked about google + was the circles part of the site – i can basically drags mates into friends and musicians into musos or drag them into both circles so if i ask people on Facebook if anyone has used a orange amp you get the none musicians saying what the fuk you on about and the general shite you get – were as with circles i post that just to musicians the people who are interested 🙂 I noticed no chat bar at the bottom but i found chat on the side and from settings installed the v


oice and video plugin for my mac which I’m going to test tonight… i like the way that it ties into picasa but i noticed the 1 gig limit on pictures and you have to pay when you go over which might put people off..

i noticed not being able to post on peoples wall direct you can message them or post a comment but just a general hello to some one etc can’t be done yet… i think groups would have to be added but maybe not its quite a popular thing to add to on Facebook but then again twitter doesn’t have groups and that works great.. as long as they don’t start adding shitty games and horoscopes it think it will be good all that stuff puts me off Facebook totally – again its early days so good luck google the main foundation seems great simple to use – clean – fingers crossed.