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robert johnson – discography and lyrics

Robert johnson


check out my new page on robert johnson discography and lyrics.

I’ve been working on robert johnson for a while now and following his life and various stories about robert his life, his technique and his bizzare lifestyle and so called dealings with the devil… there are plenty of blues men around with similiar stories son house, howlin wolf, willie brown etc but roberts story was a different kettle of fish with plenty of mystery about his life, death and technique…. this is the first page i made on his discography which was recorded starting back in 23rd November 1936 and on a few other sessions through to 20th June 1937, you will see dates ive found on the discography. Im not 100% on this but i guess nobody really is as neither was were he was laid to rest is 100% and how the man passed away… any how this guy is one of the main influences on some of the biggest bands and musicians including the rolling stones, led zeppelin, eric clapton, ronnie wood… the list is endless with his amazing range in blues vocals and great bottle neck techniques. Ill be posting some more information as i find out more, but a good start is the DVD > the search for robert johnson which i got from amazon and a book i bought recently on my ipad kindle reader which im currently reading > Escaping the Delta: Robert Johnson and the Invention of the Blues is well worth a look …

take the plunge tune up to a E get out the bottle neck and play along with robert.. but dont just listen and think thats easy give it a go see how hard it really is the guy was pure talent …

robert johnson the king of the delta blues…


linux, life and music

hello hope your all good, no juicy gossip for you.

Ill be appearing live with rubber soul this saturday night 18th novermber

also ill be appearing live from 7.30pm at the jam at the tavern (scale hall)

and ill be live at the tavern scale hall monday night with open mic night from 8pm

im taking a break from my robert johnson obsession and ive been studying howlin wolf yesterday and today lead belly, im rolling into son house.. i need to spend more time on each of these guys but im hungry like a wolf!……

ive just been through the lyrics ive been writing over the past year and ive got sixteen unfinished songs organised together now and its quite a mix of bluesy, rock , beatley type big of goodies im going to start piecing the lyrics and putting the music over december while things are looking like its going to be quite with work.

i decided to stop using facebook and just to tweet its so much easier less complicated and less time consuming, i dont like what some people write on facebook and people dont like what i write, im very opinionated but i think its better to not have a voice on facebook really, i have a twitter your quite welcome to add me although it is closed and i dont really want to many local people on it as im using it to connect with my children and people and friends in spain and in the music business sorry if you try to add and i dont add you but you can find out about my gigs with the bands and stuff through facebook as i will still promote them on that. My twitter account is @waynepaulward  as i say please feel free to add me but dont be offended if i don’t add you i want to make life as easy as possible.

No news on the raspberry pi apart from im waiting for xbian version one still!

Im going to test steam on linux this weekend the public beta is available for ubuntu and other flavours of linux. ill keep you posted.

On a positive the jam on the sunday at the tavern is going amazing im really overwhelmed by the nice people who are turning out to support the band and really massive thanks to the guest artists, we do really appreciate you coming and making the sundays nights into a amazing night.

Sorry about any spelling mistakes but if you cant understand what it means and you want to correct the spelling please go somewhere else and do it because im not in the least interested in grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes lifes to short for something not so serious because its just random shit about whats happening in my life nothing spectacular just life.

keep tuned in im going to hit the sack and absorb some son house

oh here is the first verse of a track i wrote called  the dark

If the dark take me while I sleep
Tell dark leave no receipt
I wanna leave nothing, nothing
Cause them dogs
Had enough ov me
Yer them dogs had enough of me