ubuntu touch OTA 8 / mycroft

Im eagerly awaiting ubuntu touch OTA 8, with each release the new featuresubuntutouch and stability have improved – the phones been a bit buggy right up to OTA 7 but now just starting to level out. I think around the time of OTA 6 we got like hot spot, OTA Auth in web pages and loads of other goodies. Ill blog on the OTA featues update and meanwhile here is a link to all the goodies in OTA 7 –>>  OTA 7 UPDATE INFO

Now were do we start with mycroft! when i first spotted the video of what mycroft was and the possibilities i was quite knocked out! a small unit you can put in your house stand alone with voice recognition that can play music, lock doors by you activating the device by saying  mycroft – so for instance mycroft open ebay or mycroft what appointments do i have today would speak back to Selection_014you the appointments you have, but as well as that because its open source people can develop on it and it can do stuff like open and lock doors and switch lights and kettles ons. Now this was all sounding great and the little units they supply look awseome, all this technology is based round the raspberry pi computer which is around 25 pounds for the board! But the latest news is that there intergrating this is into ubuntu tounch phone and ubuntu unity desktop which for me is amazing news . So more blogs on this to come.

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