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orange 1×12 60w


New part of the orange rig, ive kept the orange 2×12 which is a british made cab. The 1×12 are made in china or japan, but the build is very good, nice weighted, closed back with a handle on the top. Gives a great result ten times better than the open back marshall 2×12. Has that pure orange sound that i like very raw. Have to say it sounded crap on the 1st night but after a hour it started running in and loosening up the driver. The second time i used it, it kicked asssss – so if you buy one, make sure you get a cover for it cause these tear easily which ive had a bad experience with my 2×12 and make sure you run her in im 100% you will be more than happy with the results and at around £225 you cant beat it. Ideal for large and small sized gigs.orange 2x12


Top Dog – John O Gaunt – august 13th 2012

Great gig in the John O Gaunt last night, Thanks to everybody that came and enjoyed some hard hitting blues 🙂 A real band with real music cant be beat.

Nick on bass packing some fat punchy lines, check out my orange rig simply the best guitar amp ive used, if you can afford one get one money well spent!