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lion diskmaker


Handy bit of kit i got the mountain lion install file on my desktop and a 8 gig USB stick in the socket of the mac, load up the app and click create a boot disk it see’s the image file on my desktop and asks if i want to use that then asks me if i want to write it to the USB key inserted. It takes 20/30 mins to create the boot usb key, then use just reboot keeping your finger on the alt key ready for the alternate boot. select the usb key from the icons and install a shiny new version of mountain lion! simples 🙂
Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 13.47.23


OS X Mountain Lion software

I see the new OS X Mountain Lion software is available on the 25th July 2012
Indications of it costing around 13-19 dollars which is so cheap but so worth it I guess.
I noticed they’ve added iMessage in and a growl type notification system and some security update gate keeper I’m not sure what that does but macs are pretty solid when it comes to security so this will make it bomb proof!!
I usually go for a clean install but I’m pretty happy with my mac at the moment so I’ll probably but it and upgrade from the app store. Things have come a long way for apple in the past five years, I’m glad really because people say they are expensive but I say they are a investment and the software upgrades (new versions) are priced very reasonable.
Do yourself a big favour make the change buy a apple mac and unleash the new OS X Mountain Lion software let it roar 🙂