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raspbian, lxde, quake and xbmc

i was told this couldn’t be done ! well here you go it can 

as raspberry pi with lxde, xvmc and quak3 3


to install xvmc on raspbian you get the latest install from here -> http://www.raspbian.org

and to update to the latest firmware follow this guide -> https://github.com/Hexxeh/rpi-update

to install xvmc on rasbian ssh into the box and do this:

wget https://github.com/downloads/RB-tomaz/xbmc-rdp/xbmc-rdp.armhf.deb
sudo dpkg -i xbmc-rdp.armhf.deb; sudo apt-get -y -f install

I selected yes to auto start as you have 5 seconds to stop it starting.


quake 3 install:
sudo apt-get install git gcc build-essential libsdl1.2-dev

Download the Quake 3 source code:

mkdir ~/src
cd ~/src
git clone https://github.com/raspberrypi/quake3.git
cd quake3

Edit build.sh in quake3 directory:

change line 8 to this: ARM_LIBS=/opt/vc/lib
change line 16 to this: INCLUDES=”-I/opt/vc/include -I/opt/vc/include/interface/vcos/pthreads”
comment out line 19: #CROSS_COMPILE=bcm2708-

Do a ./build.sh

Find copies of the following somewhere (other guides will show you) and place in build/release-linux-arm/baseq3:
pak0.pk3, pak1.pk3, pak2.pk3, pak3.pk3, pak4.pk3, pak5.pk3, pak6.pk3, pak7.pk3, pak8.pk3
From here:


sudo usermod -a -G video [your_username]

log out and back in and run -> Run ioquake3.arm

my compiling kept locking up the rapberry

so i got this -> Download the version with sound here.

and tar zxvf Quake3.tar.gz

and it ran perfect with levels!!!! 


If you have a edimax mini wireless this works out of the box…

First /etc/network/interfaces. It should have a single entry something like

add this:

allow-hotplug wlan0

auto wlan0

iface wlan0 inet dhcp
wpa-ssid “NETWORK SSID” (or wireless-essid NETWORK PASSWORD if WEP)
wpa-psk “NETWORK PASSWORD” (your wireless password)


raspberry pi belkin n300 distro with drivers



was looking for a distro with ready to go drivers built in for belkin n300 wireless and lxde found one here 

its called occidentals, this distro i can get to a prompt and start lxde desktop by typing startx 

I’m going to build xmbc and quake 3 into this rom so its got plenty of functionality and copy some roms in and test mame

have to the raspberry pi has been great fun so far !!! linux rocks!