lancaster linux user group

We are still holding the linux user group meetings once a month

If you interested i would join the mailing list for information as we generally have meetings when we all can make it.

We are now going to the gregson institute for the meetings and we are more open now and include other technologies including coding and now we can talk about our apple macs and other devices!!!!

take a look at our site for details on the mail in list etc


Lancaster linux user group meeting

We held this months lancaster linux user group meeting on the 2nd wednesday of the month this time to fit in with everyones busy schedules! We havent had a meeting for a few months because we have all been to busy hence the change to the second week! Quite a good turn out so thanks to everyome who turned up! Dave brought his open moko and give us a demo of the new OS he had installed which was pretty slick – he connected it to his laptop and updated the phone using wireless from his laptop which worked nicely then he can install the network app and install the updates and proggies straight from the phone ๐Ÿ™‚ nice bit of kit

We talked about installing multiple operating systems on x86 hardware – making it triple boot with linux / mac / windows ๐Ÿ™‚

We also discussed various laptops – netbooks and using external devices on the units such as external monitors and keyboards etc.

We also talked about video software and capturing video and audio – i mentioned zoneminder which is a opensource Linux video camera security and surveillance solution. Very mature product – with online viewing of cctv ๐Ÿ™‚

I took a look at a toshiba laptop and used the hotkeys – shift and escape to change the boot order in the bios and kicked of a fedora install – i had to leave before the install finished so ill update the blog to let you know if the install finished ok and the laptop works right!!

we also had a long conversation regarding building web pages and uploading them using a ftp client – we talked about using kompozer aka NVU – cross platform software which can get you bulding web pages in minutes take a look here after the site is finished if you can use various ftp clients I use gftp as its nice and easy and very robust take a look here both items should be installable by apt so i would type apt-get install kompozer gftpย  – this should install both apps for you ๐Ÿ™‚

The linux meetings are held at the brittania pub on ulswater road lancaster on the first wednesday of every month at around 8pm – I would suggest adding yourself to the lug mailing list as some months we may change it to the second wednesday of the month if everyone cant make the first!!!!

Please feel free to come along and talk – newbies welcome!! we cover all areas – linux / mac / windows – servers – laptops – workstations – mobile phones!!! come along and join in – good beer & free wifi!!!!!


Lancaster lug meeeting

Well what a great turn out for the lancaster lug!

I got to the brit at 7.30 and thought oh no!! Please turn up! anyway i just ordered a pint and in walks ken with his hands full laptop and the demonstration kit! yes the first night we get a demonstration and a very intersting demonstration! We talked for a while about distros and other linux related topics and it wasn’t long before we before we was joined by dave paul and mark! We had our introductions and it seemed obvious we had a mixed bunch of linux users here which is great! dave sporting the lancaster lug tshirt!!
We were deep in conversation about linux of course! when a guy randomly asked is this a linux user group!?! We said yes!! he said great and introduced hiself and said he would like to attend the next meeting on the first wednesday of next month cooool!
Any way we discused different distros – ubuntu – debian -novell – redhat – mandiva and get this unix and open vms!!
We talked desktops kde gnome and i gave a brief on kolab server which is something i will be demonstrating over the net few weeks..
Then ken give us a quick demonstration on kstars and a modified webcam for Astrophotography and a pic programmer which operates two motors Very good demonstration which i didnt expect on the first night!
we also discussed laptops I showed of my asus Eee pc running debian which was a eye opener! and we looked at the other laptops which were both IBMs running ubuntu.

Anyway this was a great meeting and we will be at the brit next month on the first wednesday.
Im very happy with the turn out the conversation and we all bonded great!!

Ive also added another blog to my blogs for ken to install networkwork manager for kde to help his connection to wireless networks without hassle

Wayne ๐Ÿ™‚

ps kens site for information on astrophotography and some other items is

My blog is