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music update

i made a harsh decision to break away from managing bands im playing with as ive been doing it for to long now and realised the only person that suffers from this is myself. I have no problem with any of my bands ive just decided im moving myself forward musically and as a person. Although i still will play with the bands and still be available for any gigs im just not involved in getting gigs, setting up rehearsals, setting up recordings and finding band member replacements for when other members cant attend. I admit i take on to much and ok I create the bands but i can see my bands have sufficient people in the bands to manage these tasks taking the as what i can only express as depressing and soul destroying tasks. I must note i have no intentions of leaving any bands or not being available and would not wish any out quarrels or silly fall outs from this im just moving my own music career forward gracefully 🙂

I did my first night were i fronted the band last night and thoroughly enjoyed having the choice of what to sing and just basically fronting the show infact i dont know why ive never done it before! i think its the move to guitar it gives me more scope and more space to rip into it and show some stage presence. Ive set up my own sound cloud and reverbnation as ive started writing my own songs for your pleasure! im going to put music to the ten songs i have from when i went through my bad times a couple ago and i was levelling! the songs are deep and the lyrics are well thought! ill update ill my new songs to my blog aswell as reverbnation and soundcloud and on here aswell. A good mate of mine said keep the faith and i believe thats true. Im now unleashed so watch this space, old lightning here went to drove into kendal last night to show the cats some new tricks. Take a listen yer its a rough live recording but listen to the music thats all that matters. Me on guitar / slide guitar and vocals – frank on drums, steve on bass and my pal barry on the harmonica. Have to say i really enjoyed it and its great playing to a crowd who love and appreciate music. peace out folks