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just testing some kde apps

dragon1_bigi like the was kde is so intergrated and has lots of nice features , im just testing some of the apps created for kde, noticeable apps are bullet pointed below 🙂

  • choqok – twitter app
  • blogilo – blogging app
  • amarok – amazing music app
  • kontact – amazing for mail, calendars and journaling
  • muon – for installing software
  • digikam – photo organiser on steroids!
Going to tst some more ill post some more in depth apps for kde 🙂

Kde shredder on debian

Need to shred some files?
easy on debain get a prompt and get root – now type
apt-get install kgpg
then go to utilities and pim click on kgpg
this will install the shredder to your desktop and also make some gpg keys for secure email etc…

Now just drag the file you want to kill onto the shredder icon on your desktop and it will be deleted securely!!!
Linux power 🙂